V for Vagaries

It's V-neck and V shape


                                                             VAGARIES of the weather
                                                     Woke up with lots of snow around

                                                         Next few days it rained a lot!

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Faye said…
"V" for vagaries an apt description for weather at this time of the year. That frozen scene against a bright sky is greeting card worthy! I hope you get to see this scene every day.
definite VARIETY in the weather, isn't there?

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Berowne said…
That V-neck is a bit too racy, wouldn't you say? (Jes' kiddin')
Birgitta said…
Beautiful and special photos! Like it!
Ann said…
Elizabeth Taylors' diamonds, what do you think?
George said…
This second picture is a perfect wintry photograph.
Joy said…
Always a treat to be surprised by snow in the morning; lots of rain here too.
Joy, ABC Team
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos!
Lots of rain here too.
Have a great day.
magiceye said…
lovely takes on the theme
Anonymous said…
Vagaires.. now thats an interesting work I came across.. Good photos

Pheno, ABCW
chubskulit said…
Maulan din dito samin ate but still no snow.


My watery entry.
Lainy said…
Wet, wet wet na naman dyan sa inyo. Dito maulang ng konti pero mas nangingibabaw parin ang tropical climate natin. Didn't know you're from Ozamis pala. My first time to set foot at that part of Mindanao ;-)
Lady In Read said…
variety in weather! and out in your v0neck
The vagaries of the weather indeed! The snow shot is so dramatic looking.
Thankyou for your recent comment and for becoming a follower of my photography blog, much appreciated.
eden said…
Beautiful photos. Looks so cold but a beautiful scene.
Anonymous said…
interesting selection of v things

view of desert
Rohit Sareen said…
tats such a lovely shot of snow!

My Third Eye
Lainy said…
I rarely use V neck tees but looking at the pic, I am now contemplating of buying one ;-)

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