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I was at a friend’s house yesterday for a sumptuous lunch. After lunch, we were talking about life and the economy. Everyone feels the economic crunch and many of my friends wanted to pursue another field of their career so most of them were of enrolling in the medical field.  However, what oftentimes made them hard to enroll is that they are also busy as a mother, wife and a work. Therefore, I told them that in this time many schools are offering online programs like Walden University and to look at their website I do encourage them to take online programs because for me it is hard to go ground schooling at the same working and being a wife and a mom. You are going to burn yourself with stress and they all laugh. 
However, they all agree to my suggestions and one of my friend really wanted to pursue in medical field because as what she said she likes the work in this field. I told her she has to learn about Walden more because she can ask help anytime. I also told them that Walden University’s online degree programs had so much to offer. In fact, anyone could ask if he or she is eligible for financial help. Admissions is easy after all the prerequisite is done and in there website they have a support services button that you just click and they are there to listen to you and help. I only hope that some of my friends would feel at ease of their mind. Because as of now they are, stress out and worries much about this whole situation. 


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