Monday, October 17, 2011

Farmers Market Galore

What made me like to be in the Farmers Market is the fresh vegetables, flowers and the many stuff that local farmers has to offer. Each colors of each vegetables and flowers made me smile and happy. Snapping photos and buying it fresh makes my day.

                                              I found another way to decorate my pumpkins!
        Above is a yellow squash, red bell pepper, sunflower with a red in the middle and my Chinese lantern.

            Is it your first time to see a yellow cauliflower? That is only $1 and I so love it. Then another sunflower, yellow and green bell pepper and the eggplants.
                                              MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY, BLUE MONDAY 
                                                                  MOSAIC MONDAY


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I too love the Farmer's Market in our town. Some unusual finds there. Love the decorated pumpkins. Great mosaic.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Kim, your website looks great! I love your beautiful fall veggies; all the pretty colors make me happy.

Have a wonderful week!

Kathy M.

Sivinden said...

Very colourful!

Gattina said...

What a colorful autumn collage ! very pretty !

Leovi said...

Wow! Very nice, love it, really delicious creations. I love the color and texture of these beautiful mosaics.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Yes indeed....first time for this old gal to see YELLOW cauliflower. But I do know I'd like it.

Yep, yep...the Mexican Bird of Paradise IS totally different. We have the 'regular' bird of paradise in our yard too. LOL

Hope your day has been treating you well.

Rajesh said...

What a lovely collection.

SmilingSally said...


Happy Blue Monday to you, Kim!

LV said...

A great place to go and find some great produce. Even touches of blue shining through.

eileeninmd said...

Kim, I love your colorful mosaic. The pumpkins look cute, my favorite is the Winnie the Pooh. The sunflowers are gorgeous, I would love to have a bunch for my table right now. Lovely photos, have a great day.

Rebecca said...

Love those painted pumpkins!

Elizabeth said...

what lovely cheerful!

Pblacksaw said...

I love it all.. I love fall and the warm colors bestowed on us by Nature! have a great day!

chubskulit said...

Love ko yung spongebob ate hehehe. Salamat sa visits and comments.

George said...

This looks like a wonderful Farmer's Market. I really like your photos and collages.

Ebie said...

A surprise to see that yellow cauliflower!

Glad for you to stop by. Hope your wish will come true!

Sarah said...

What gorgeous shots. I love them.

Rovie said...

beautiful colors!

Happy Blue Monday Kim...

Hope you can check out my blue entry..

Hair Tripping

Thanks so much!

madrassi said...

I have never seen too a yellow cauliflower! So colorful and if such things available, i would love to visit market everyday :)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Lovely statements in your poetry Well done,


Eden said...

This is my first time to see yellow cauliflower. Beautiful photos.

pcphotoblog said...

Fabulously bright and cheery photos. Love the painted pumpkins.

Mel Cole said...

I'm sure you had fun during the farmer's market Te Kim. :) Loved those painted pumpkins. My RT

Belle said...

Great shots Manang Kim... I love the veggies... Happy halloween!

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