Want To Ride

Everybody deserves to have fun once in his or her life. That is what I heard from the people older than me. I grew up in the Philippines not having our own car. By that, we have to walk from our house to our school, church, market or stores. Every time I saw a family riding their new car I came to think, could I buy a car when I grow up? This thought bolted right in the core of my heart. I finished my degree and worked for years still thinking of that car.
When I came here in the US seven years ago, my dream came true I now know how to drive and I have my car nicer even to the car I wished many years ago. I enjoy going around town driving my car but there is something that make me freak out when I see a limo car on the road.  I have never ridden a limo before, this time of my life fun is worth it, and I am determining to get that ride. 
Last February, two of my friends hired a limousine service just as my stepson is going to hire in Chicago for this coming wedding of his sister. The first time I rode the limousine I was very happy I could not feel any bumps along the road and inside the limousine, chips and drinks are waiting for us. We parted ways that night with smiles imprinted in our face it was fun and I am looking forward to another limo ride soon. In addition, that would be this coming September 15 where in my stepson hires Chicago Limo Rentals to pick us up. Just at this moment I am very excited because I knew the feeling of what is inside a limousine and how it rides it is as if I do not want to come out anymore hahaha.
For me, a limo ride is the best ride ever and if I get rich, I would buy one of these cars it is the coolest car for me. What about you do you have any experience riding a limo car? You can share it here


No, I have not ridden a limo car before. It's probably the smoothest ride you ever take in your whole life. The problem of owning your own limo is, it is harder to maneuver than ordinary car because it is longer and bigger. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Anonymous said…
Wow! That sounds great. I never get a change a to ride a limousine, but i wish one day alike u i too drive a limo.

Glad u enjoyed and had great fun with friends.

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