Our Family Tradition

Do you have a family tradition? We have one tradition in our family that my mom is the one who  started it. At the fist day of September in the early morning she woke up and proceeded to go to our stereo and play a CHRISTMAS SONG!! Yes as early as the 1st of September we heard Christmas song. I guess she likes Christmas. Now that she is gone I continue what she started. This morning as soon as I get up from bed I look for my Christmas cd's and yes on the very first day of September out house is filled with Christmas song!
Hubby was at the backyard when he heard it and he just smile he knew what I am doing. He thought, yes the tradition continues. Then yesterday I was cutting our three tall arborvitae tree. The middle tree is tall and when I cut it off the tip of the tree looks like a Christmas tree!! What a deal huh! I didn't intend to get a small Christmas tree but I have one right now setting at our living room. ^_^


George said…
I think this is a very nice tradition. I'm glad you are continuing it.
madrassi said…
That's nice to hear about this tradition! Music at a early morning is very pleasant to began a day if it was soft and melody.

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