It's been thirty three years since I've had my first menstruation and until now I am not used to it lol!! I am saying for myself only here but geez this is no fun at all. How does we women able to accept this with open arms? Sometimes, when my tummy is aching my hubby just look at me and I know for sure he doesn't have any idea what I feel. One time I asked him have you felt like this before?

Hubby: Heck no.
Me:      And why it looks like your face is in pain too?
Hubby: Because I am carried away just by looking at your face. And how you lay down in bed seems unnatural.
( I am laying upside down)
Me: Well because it feels that my stomach pain is a bit okey when I do this.
Hubby: Can you take any medicine for that?
Me: I guess so but I don't want to/
Hubby: Why not?
Me :  Just because. ^_^
SILENCE...Then just the sound of my ohhs and ahhhs is what he heard.

Hubby: Is it really painful?
Me     : What you think"
Hubby: I guess it is.
Me    : Do you like to experienced like this?
Hubby: Heck no!!!
Me    : Well I think God is not fair here. Why God didn't allow men to experience menstrual cramps and child labor pain.
Hubby : OH MY goodness that would be the end of the world!!!
Me : laugh out loud...and why?
Hubby : No man will ever like to get pregnant then.
Me : (laugh out loud)  Yeah just one time in your entire life what you think?
Hubby : Oh no I can't imagine!!
Both of us laugh with our weird conversation. While I am still in my acrobatic position trying to relieve my cramps. ^_^


madrassi said…
Lol! That's one difficult thing every woman go through life for certain period and i bet no man would bear such pain and suffering. My cousin to do such acrobatic and even in pain she never forget to make fun. This post remind me that and she is a funny fellow to keep two pillows on stomach and back and its always us to tease her. but at same time we understand her pain

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