Why not rent?

Summer is almost done and Fall is fast approaching then Winter. This seasons has many meaning to me 1. it's the change of season and it's fun 2. it's tax time, ouch!! When the economic goes down everything fall into places too. One that fall down so quick and so obvious is the real estate. I've seen in my neighborhood a banner popping here and there like a mushroom. I told hubby that if things get worst I don't have any problem in leaving the house and move to an apartment. More so if we go to another country that would be a good deal to me. I've been looking at sites on the Internet and I've found Calgary apartments more suitable to us. We don't  a kid and to have a one room apartment is enough for us. 
Many people just don't know that owning a house or property is hard but to live in an apartment is easy. But of course it depends on where you are located and how's your neighborhood. For me I find Calgary, Canada  my number one priority since it's not too populated and here is the bonus piece you can see the northern lights over the city!! How cool is that huh? So why not take a good look of this apartments. It would be for sure a drastic change but to have a happy and not so stressful life is worth it.


Toyin O. said…
Thanks for sharing.

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