Federico Pignatelli

Did anyone watched what happened yesterday? Gush everything is in  chaos-ness and the stocks goes down maybe many of the stockholders wants to get out at this time. Reading the business paper I read this name Federico Pignatelli. As I read further he is a CEO of a California based dental laser company. What amazes me is that he only received annual salary of  $1 !! Now that is what we call a role model. I read further and he says that he continue to receive this annual salary in this turbulent times. Amazingly enough not all CEO do have that mind set. We knew that many of the CEO wants to get millions just to run a huge company and don't care about the shareholders money. What I like with Federico Pignatelli is his principle in life. He think more of the shareholders than his pocket, after all he is the CEO he can ask what ever annual salary he wants but not him.  And so I thought that if this is the kind of CEO who runs the business that I my money is investing at I am in the right place, right? In this time when the economy is no way stable, it's about time that we have to help each other. Remember the adage "together we  stand, divided we fall" all the time or else we don't go no where.  ^_^ 


Anonymous said…
hahahahahaha! Don't make me laugh!!

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