Did I say Monday is my busiest day of the week?

Well yes Monday is the busiest day the week because it comes after Sunday. And today is the first day of the month it's paying bills for me online or checking ^_^ To top it all when you are tightening your belt paying bills is not an easy job lol!! It's hard to see money earned and money gone that fast, lol!! But I think money is made to be spent I guess, though we don't have that much but at least we could pay off our bills and mind you we don't have credit cards so it's kind of easy feeling not to think of that 29.9% interest, gush!!
Yesterday, at church we had our first picnic. Turned out really well and food are overflowing. Men are grilling outside with sausages and burger as I was watching them grill I was thinking, what if I make my pork barbeque. Oh my the whole church will of course be smelling pork barbeque and the people around is going to drool. There is still another year of course this time I knew what to do and what to prepare. Hubby and I attended the 10:30 am mass and we were a bit late because we have to carry all the food and rice in the kitchen and lay them at the table. After the mass we had this little procession and an adoration for an hour. We had a long line of people to get the food and it's fun! After that we went to the restaurant to celebrate Ken and Marilyn's birthday but me and hubby are already full and so we don't ate anything. Then we went to Maxine's house and chit-chat after that we play dominoes until 9pm. It was a day of fun and when I get home I was so darn tired. ^_^


Umma said…
Maayo jud pag way credit card bills..manang Kim.. wala sakit sa ulo hahaha..
Baba said…
Hi Kim, your church sounds like my Catholic church where we have a free monthly meal after the 6pm Mass.. you did have a long, but fun filled day on Sunday..hugs, Baba
Ann said…
There is a St Anne's kindy in a town my dad worked and lived, Sarikei.

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