ABC Wednesday - C

                                                           It's a COIL spring

                                                                 CYGNET is the young swan
                                 but in this photo I could tell the Mama Swan said "I am proud of my
                                  two CYGNET" ^_^ ^_^

                                                         my COLORFUL bracelet

                                  CHINESE lantern this will turn to orange or red hue and will become
                                                                  papery in texture.

                                    To see more of the letter C's visit ABC WEDNESDAY


fredamans said…
Love that bud whatever it is.
Gigi Ann said…
What a great variety of C pictures. I too, like the Chinese lantern. I use to call them Ground Cherries.
Carver said…
These are all great choices and I learned a new word. I never knew that baby swans were cygnet.
Lesley said…
That is a lovely bracelet. I love the delicacy of those chinese lanterns.
Anonymous said…
The leaf actually changes colors??? Interesting. Good variety in C

Pheno, ABC Team
chubskulit said…
Interesting Cs! Love your bracelet.
most are circular as well. cool
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
jabblog said…
Nice selection of Cs. Love the cygnets and your bracelet:-)

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