Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pleasure or treasure

It's Sunday once again and hubby and I went to attend the Holy Eucharist at 10:30am. The gospel reading was taken from St. Matthew 13:44-52.

In today's first parable, Jesus says that the Kingdom of heaven is like  a buried treasure that is worth possessing even if it means giving up everything else. In the second parable, Jesus proposes that the Kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great worth for which one will sell everything else to possess. The third parable that Jesus proposes in today's Gospel is different from the first two, the Kingdom of heaven is compared to fishing with a wide net. After the fish have been collected, the good fish are kept and the bad fish are thrown away; so too, in the final judgement, will the wicked and the righteous be separated.

The Fr. Jerry on his homily shared about a song which entitled I am glad to have you. And the lyrics that he most like is " we always over rated the pleasure and under-rated the treasure". I so like it. It's the easiest way to understand the gospel of today. Jesus talked about separation as well as possessing. How many times you wonder how much stuff we have inside our house? And how much time, effort and money do we spend for this stuff? As I sometimes go for garage sale. I can't believe how many stuff a family had. Even if they do garage sale every week on Summer there are still so much left behind. Look at your neighbors garage. The car that is worth more than $20,000 is parked on the driveway so some of the stuff could be stored at the garage. Sometimes, I question myself did  I somehow do that too? Did I go away from God's path since sometimes I feel that I haven't done my personal prayer to Him rather I was very involved with other activities? As  the lyrics stated  " we always over rated the pleasure and under-rated the treasure" Am I also is guilty of that? I think I do am guilty of that somehow, someway. What about you do you over rated the pleasure and under-rated the treasure?