It's been a long day!!

Oh yeah it's been a long day today. At 10 am I meet a friend who bought two boxes of slimming coffee. She loves it because she said that after she is finished with her first box her uniform at work is not too tight on her. So when she knew that I sold Slimming coffee she called me immediately and we meet this morning. After that we went to a consignment store and look for old furniture and my gush I just love one furniture there but the price is almost $300.00!!! I have to look more I may find one of that furniture in a cheap price.
Then hubby and I went to my SIL and he and his buddy worked something at the her basement and I was with my SIL shopping lol. We came home about 4pm and make some sandwiches after eating the men goes to work again but it didn't take awhile we left and got home. I am already exhausted the weather is very good and I want to work on my flower garden but seems that it is still hot, so here I am blogging for a little while then gonna go night.....


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