I found this structure inside the cemetery for me this is a simple wall that tells a lot.

                                          Deer do love a very simple life, don't you think?

                                                  In darkness we need one simple light.
                                         See more simple photos at Friday My Town Shoot Out


Heather T. said…
Kim, your one simple light has true simplicity! The deer, too, but that last line really says SO much ♥

Stop over to see a little bit of Vermont's simplicity, through my eyes, if you like.

Best to you, Heather
Art said…
Love this picture light, wonderful
Quite inspirational Kim. Love the deer. Simple but amazing. I saw two yesterday at my daughter's home in the country.
Doreen said…
wonderful post Kim! love the way you tell what each pic means to you.
Ann said…
do you often have deer visitors?
Pauline said…
I'm late visiting the FSO shooters this week. Love the last shot, and the words you chose to go with it.

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