FMTSO: Flags

In the middle of the woods

                                                         At the house of my step son

                                                              At a General Store
                                                               At the Dentist clinic

                                                       At the Barbershop

April 2009 I became a US citizen!!  I still have this tiny US flag displayed in our living room. 

                                                   Linking this to Friday my Town shoot out


A Scattering said…
I like your variety of locations. Was it fun finding them?
Doreen said…
I really like the little barber shop. very quaint and looks like it is from the old western days.
The presence of those flags remind people of Memorial Day. It's great to remember our heroes even once a year. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
EG Wow said…
Thanks for taking us on the little tour, Kim. It was fun finding the flag flying in different places.
That was a very nice representation of the distribution of flags for the holiday. A lot of places keep them up all year long. I like that. Great job.
Congratulations on your citizenship! I know the process is a long one and sometimes difficult. I love that you have kept the little flag from that day. :)
Pauline said…
Love the first shot of the flag tied to a tree. And your little flag that means so much to you! You must have scouted around to find the flag in so many different settings.
Tess said…
I just applied for my citizenship Kim, I am excited. I bet that the little flag was made in china. :)

Cheers and blessings,
Rebecca said…
Congrats on your citizenship! I like the barber shop photo a lot.
Doreen said…
I must have missed the last photo when I visited. congratulations on your citizenship!!

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