Another bad hair day...

Yesterday I woke up with a happy face but when I looked at my hair hair is not so happy after all!! I hated it when my hair goes wild in the morning and can't do anything about it. I want to think to just ran to a hair dresser and let my hair fixed but what the heck it will cost me an arm and a leg lol!!! In this time when we have to tighten our belt because of our economy we have to think twice if we will splurge or do something for your own good and the good of your pocket book. ^_^ So I just took a shower and just let the minutes and hours passed by. Well then my SIL called me that she is coming over and when she was her at the house we talked about women talk. She is a bit older than me and I like to tell her about my woes in life much so my hair that day. She just laughed and laughed and she told me we women do have bad hair day from time to time most specially when we reached at the age of 40's, really? ^_^
Well then since I am in my 40's I think I had to accept the reality that I am not in my 20's anymore and everything is different. So I asked her what is really the best products for hair because I don't want to look like Ms olive of Popeye always doing her pony tail nor I don't like to look like my hair is like the hair of Alpaca's hahahaha. My SIL  I think noticed me that I am really serious so she suggested me to go on shopping. So off we go and at the store we bought Redken, Moroccan Oil, and Bumble and Bumble . I am familiar of these products but haven't tried it. The best part is that my SIL bought it for me yahooo!! She told me that for years she used this product and she is happy about it. That is why she always look so gorgeous and her hair looks shiny and healthy. I am very thankful of her that she took care of me that day. And I realized that hair is indeed our crowning glory. ^_^


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