Did I see Oriole bird?

This morning I get up kind of early around 7:30 am. I immediately heard the birds chirping there songs and I love hearing them. I can't sleep back again (lol) I get up and fix a coffee. My mind still heavy from yesterday's happening and thought of going outside to see the green grass and breath the fresh air. But it was raining so I decided to wait for a few minutes. I was looking at the computer I don't have the liking to do something online. So I took my jacket, change the lens of my camera, put on my socks, then shoes off I go. I was outside when I noticed that it's not raining anymore and it's not chilly. I started walking around and took a photos of different flowers that  are blooming in my garden. Then I went at the farthest south side of our property where trees are blooming beautiful flowers when I spotted this beautiful bird. I have not seen this bird visiting my bird feeder. I later knew that it's Oriole and they like nectar to sip on and not seeds. I took a picture but this bird is fast it's kind of blurry but I am sure it has a great color on it.
                                  This could be a warbler too but I am guessing it's Oriole. And I am putting a special feeder for this bird. Hope it will come soon so I could take a good photo. ^_^


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