Spring is here!!

Monday and Tuesday  I am usually busy, I even haven't had a chance to blog hop a lot because I was preparing an activity for my Rel. Ed class and then reading the bible for our last day of bible study then at 6:00pm our adult formation meeting...........ain't that busy enough, lol!!
Today, woke up thanking that I had a good sleep though from time to time I cough but  it's not as bad as it used to be like last week. While still in bed I was thinking of what I am going to do today. Next week is Holy week and I am going to minimize my blogging for awhile, to observe the celebration of this week. But today I am thinking of finishing my laundry, folding the clean clothes, then I am going to make a very pretty tablescape. I don't have a fancy dishes just things that I found out from my sale adventure but I am going to make use of it. Here is what I would like to do today:

1. Do the laundry....( started it)
2. Clean up the dining table and make  a pretty tablescape.
3. Fold the clean clothes and iron some ^_^
4. Because I loss weight (by drinking my slimming coffee) I am going to clean up my closet then our bedroom
5. Clean the windows!!
6. Preparing my small pots for germinating marigold seeds

Seems like the list is too much lol!  I have to start this whole list now or else I ended up watching horror Filipino movies lol! Ciao!


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