My yellow find this weekend

Bought a bunch of flower and put it in my yellow vase.

                  After a  long Winter months, then to see green grass, trees foliage, flowers start to bloom it makes me happy!!

My Easter table scapre

                                                           The ladies at the Easter party                  

                And after the kids are done with their sack race it was the mom's turn to do theirs lol!!
God is Risen!! Have a blessed Easter to all!

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Liz said…
Beautiful shots.

Have a fabulous week!

Liz @ MLC
Fe said…
thats a nice easter table :)
STEF said…
Beautiful ladies in row with a cute little bunny! Hope you can visit my entry too. Thanks and have a good week!
texas_sweetie said…
wow that's a lot of YELLOW there, you sure love taking bunch of photos which is great!

my MYM is up, please check it out here Easter Egg Hunting
Mona said…
nice vase and lovely ladies plus the cute baby.
January said…
ang daming yellow Ate Kim..:)

Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday
Hope You can visit my Yellows at the ff:
Grips Toys
Wild Sunflower 2
On Nathan’s Birthday
chubskulit said…
Ang saya naman dyan ate, ang daming pinay.


Please come and see my yellow, have a great week!!
You have a wonderful Easter! Love seeing your photos :)
sHeNgKaY said…
Late visiting from MYM! :) Stay happy!
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest
Eden said…
Wow, ang saya naman.

Happy Easter!
Dhemz said…
ayay, ka beauty sa pinay ladies...ehehehe...bibo kau mo te...sensya late na visit.

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