you could have changed one thing about your parents while you were a child, what would it have been??

              I started this question of life last week and every time I answer the question it made me think. Today, here is the question that I'd like to answer and somehow I have  a mix emotion or take on this. I don't have any regret or any bad thing to say about my parents. But the only think that I would like to change my parents is for my Dad to work close to us. He is a sales representative since he was single and then married so he is always out of town all the time. And since birth my father is not with us and I grew these reality but deep inside I like him to be with us everyday. Both my parents are gone and I am very happy to tell that I have the greatest parents ever!! See their pictures here in 40's and Fabulous


As children, we never have the power to change anything in our parents. God has given us to them and He knows best what is good for us. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Mel, yes we don't have that power because God has already set that to us.

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