April Fools day & Marigold

Is the weather going to fool us today??? Yup I am saying here in Michigan. The weather report says that we are going to have a foot of snow today or tomorrow? Are you kidding me??? Even if the temperature outside says it's only 39F but since the sun is shining gloriously I love it. But with the snow heading us here I feel already frustrated!! Come on I hope this is just April fools joke lol!! We all need a change of temperature already, people are sick and the plants wanted to bloom their natural beauty. I walked around the house the other day and find some of my tulips are already out but no buds yet. My forsythia is budding but nothing extra nice yet. I am so excited to see all of my flowers show their beauties this year. 
Last year, I had planted two flowers which is given to me by my step-daughter and I am hoping to see the flowers this year too. And also I have an experiment this year. You see we have box elder trees, two at the front yard and right behind our house is one box elder tree. And because of that we have this bugs that multiply like crazy. And it's hard to get rid all of them. I have searched all over internet and I haven't seen any thing says about flowers or plants that could at least minimize there existence.
And so my idea of planting plenty of marigolds around our house was born. I thought of marigold because it has a distinct scent that rabbits and deer don't like that's why some of my relatives had to plant marigolds around their garden so deer and rabbit won't come by and eat the vegetables. 
Three weeks ago our Rel.Ed director gave me plenty of marigold seeds. When I got  home I immediately planted the seeds right at the pot. Three days after I saw seedlings already, that fast!!! I was excited and I can't wait to get more soil and make a seedlings so when the weather warm up I am going to plant these plant and will see if my experimentation will work, crossing my finger! 


Maging maganda sana ang pagtubo ng marigold seeds..

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