Philippine Fault System, tectonic map and the ring of fire

After the massive earthquake in Japan with the tsunami and now the nuclear power explosion which is emitting radiation, people all over the world are so concern about earthquake fault line. Somehow our world has fault lines which some countries had the major line and some don't. And Philippines is one of the countries that is a part of what they call the Pacific ring of fire, sounds scary huh! But that is the truth.

Aside from that Philippines has major fault lines read it here and see at the map below if your town or region or province is close to a major fault line. I remember my parents told me that in  1956 my hometown had this massive earthquake. But the landscape before and now are too way different. And growing up I experienced a lot of earthquakes since in the late of 1970's.

Below is the List Of Major Fault Lines Of the Philippines.

1. Marikina Valley Fault (Montalban-San Mateo-Marikina-Pasig-Taguig-Muntinlupa-San Pedro-Binan-Carmona-Santa Rosa-Calamba-Tagaytay-Oriental Mindoro)
2. Western Philippine Fault (Luzon Sea-Mindoro Strait-Panay Gulf-Sulu Sea)
3. Eastern Philippine Fault (Philippine Sea)
4. Southern of Mindanao Fault (Moro Gulf-Celebes Sea)
5. Central Philippine Fault (Entire Ilocos Norte-Aurora-Quezon-Masbate-Eastern Leyte-Southern Leyte-Agusan Del Norte-Agusan Del Sur-Davao del Norte)

Tectonic Map of Far Northern Philippines including the Philippine Fault System

Tectonic Map of Northern Central Philippines including the Philippine Fault System

Tectonic Map of Central Philippines including the Philippine Fault System

Tectonic Map of Southern Philippines including the Philippine Fault System

Tectonic Map of Far Southern Philippines including the Philippine Fault System
 source: information and photo WIKIPEDIA

Looking at it specially  the map where my family lived is pretty scary.   We don't need  devastation of any sort, not in the Philippines or any country in the world.


Hazelicious929 said…
Hi Manang Kim! This is so creepy to think. Thanks for the information about the Philippine Fault System. People should be aware of how to take care of our mother earth. Prayers is always the best weapon.

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George said…
I didn't realize there were so many fault lines through the Philippines. Thanks for the education.
Anonymous said…
with so many fault system , this is the reason why Philippines is so rich in mineral resources. gold ,copper,iron, chromite and other industrial mineral.Fault provides ample hydrothermal materials when get into surface can be mine economically.
Anonymous said…
if you look up the map, all this areas are geographically hazard but this also provide economic livelihood to poor miners. Tampakan gold mines, Kingking copper porphry and the newly open Cangusan, Bungko and Bangol in Mati City where gold is in kilo not in grams
Kim ,USA said…
Hello Anonymous, it never occur to me about mineral resources. Thinking about it is indeed possible. Praying that Philippines will be spared from harm.

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