Going to Jail

It's kind of a sad day today. A friend of my hubby and BIL decided to turn himself in. That means he has a warrant of arrest and he decided to turn himself in to the cops and be in jail. For days, since he recieved the warrant of arrest his mind was juggling if he is going to change state, to run away or to turn himself in. One time he said he is going to run away, well we couldn't blame him but sometimes we have to pay the consequences that we do. But later this past few days he changed his mind and decided to go to jail and face the music.
Last night hubby and I prayed for him. He called my hubby and in tears he told him that he is so scared what's will happen to him inside the jail. His ex-brother in law told him not to turn in because he might be rape inside. I was a bit ticked off!! What a way to tell that to a person who is already so frustrated, so desperate, no hope that he already contemplated of suicide. But my hubby and BIL told him otherwise, they told him to face the consequence and of course don't forget to pray, a lot!!
He is not a bad person not at all.  He has a  very good heart. He is a hard working fellow. He had so much money before. Imagine he bought his girlfriend a new  car a Corvet  in  cash!! Spend a $4,000 for a girlfriend kid's party. He buy so many things that he even don't use. But this Corvet car  that he bought for his girlfriend was the start of his downfall. He speed this car in a town road, police spotted him for speeding, he didn't stopped but speed up more, he got lost he police car chasing him, but when he arrived his house a police car is coming him and that was his first arrest. After that, he was caught again driving with out a license, DUI and others. 
So yes, he is not a bad person but he made bad choices. And I ask anybody who will read this post to pray for Mr. D. Thanks!

UPDATE: At 10:58am  I called hubby about Mr. D's situation. God is so good they let him FREE!!! Alleluia to that!! So he is not worried now about his warrant of arrest. It's cleared thanks God!!


fredamans said…
Hopefully God will show your friend how to be a better driver, since he was gracious enough to let him free. Does he not understand how many people he endangered with his unsafe driving? He deserved jail. He is lucky!
Kim, USA said…
He is indeed lucky! This is his last chance to do the right thing.
Calleigh said…
He is indeed fortunate to come out unpunished with his misconduct. Driving under the influence is perilous act that pose a threat to the lives of other people.

That served him a lesson and hopefully abide the law.
George said…
Although your friend made some bad choices, I hope he will take advantage of the opportunity he has to make better (and safer) choices.
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