Dead Fish in Redondo Beach, California

I just saw the breaking news at Fox news and they were talking about the thousands of fish dead (anchovies) on one of the Marina in California!! I don't understand how this happened. Last few months ago remember so many birds, crabs, some fish found dead!!! It's kind of weird already, like everyday the news is getting badder and badder and I don't wonder why some people will sooner or later flip their mind for they couldn't take it.
The gasoline is shooting to the roof now. Hubby and I talked yesterday about not going out without any important reason. I told him I don't have any problem with that because I can stay in the house for a week without going out just to go to church is fine with me and as long as I have food in the pantry. For now I can't wait to be Spring and Summer for I vow myself to canned a lot!!
Going back to the gasoline price, my car will cost $70++ for a full tank and we don't use my hubby's SUV now since SUV is a guzzler!! Between me and hubby I do love to save a lot. Be practical in what to buy and if it's not  an important thing why buy it? This days it's like tightening a belt should be done but I am thankful too that we all have good health and God will blessed us all no matter what. ^_^
                                            Millions of dead fish at Redondo Beach, California
                                                         photo source: KTLA.COM


Where did all these fish come from?

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