Valentines card

Hello everyone how's your Valentines day? Hubby gave this Valentines day card yesterday a day advance since we had our lunch date yesterday after church. We agreed not to buy anything but he sneak out to buy a card, lol. He told me today that he really wanted to buy flowers but he can hear me telling him not to buy flowers, so he didn't. I love fresh flowers don't get me wrong but then it cost at least $20.00 and it will just wither. And $20.00 is $20.00 I can stretch that to something useful. Am I stingy, yes I do! ^_^

 The words is enough for me. And you know what is my gift for my hubby??? A terrific foot spa...and I do it. ^_^ 
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What a lovely sentiment! Sounds like you and your hubs have a great evening planned ~ Happy Valentines Day!
Perfect idea for valentines! I'd rather photography the flowers and save the $$$. Happy Valentines and thanks for visiting CITexas Gal for Macro Monday post.
Love your ideas for celebrating Valentines day :)
chubskulit said…

My Ruby Tuesday, hope you had a nice valentine!
Luna Miranda said…
it's been ages since i got a V-Day card.:p a sweet and thoughtful gesture.
Mona said…
indeed a good idea for V day, have time to visit my RT entry thanks
MiDniGHt DriVer said…
yey.. belated happy valentines po.. ako ay nagbabalik :)
clavs said…
that was a very nice message for valentine's day...

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