I wonder why when I took a picture in snow it turns out to be blue. For me it should be white because snow is white but that is not the result. I have not research it why but I will though.

                                         See it's all blue-ish. Linking this post to Midweek Blue


cieldequimper said…
Snow does that when the light fades! Lovely!
jeannette said…
Long live the Christmas tree!
It has a nice festive feeling to it!!
EG Wow said…
The blue looks great in these photos, so not to worry!
Jim said…
I have never seen snow turn blue in pictures. Of course it is because of an illusion or a malfunction.

I did read that snow is white but takes on appearance of the color of surrounings, such as the sky. Actually I am not sure the sky is blue either. The part I have been in was just plain clear.

Wonderful pictures though, Kim.
Happy MidWeek Blues! :)
Eng said…
maybe it was set on tungsten. sometimes, it changes from white to blue if you have done post processing/manipulation.

it looks great though. it added a colder feeling to it!
George said…
The first comment is correct. Shadows on snow typically appear to be blue, especially in early morning or late afternoon.
Rebecca said…
Yes, snow tends to make a blue cast in the shade. You might try setting your camera white balance settings to shade if your camera allows that. That would warm it up and make it look white.

I think it is pretty though.

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