House appeal

It's Sunday again and the weather outside is delightful!! ^_^ The weather report says that we are going to experienced below 60F for several days but I don't mind as long as the sun is out and not so windy it's find with me. And oh without snow too I am okey with it. 
The other day we visited my DH's Aunt, she is living in a Seniors apartment now and I noticed right away her very beautiful personalized address signs. And because she loves red her address plaque is red which is so cool and it's my first time ever to see an address plaques in color. I didn't hesitate to asked her where she did find such beautiful address plaque and she told me that she find it when she transferred in the apartment few months ago. She ordered it only through the help of those tenants and because she loves red she asked if she could personalized it and they did.
She showed me more of those house address plaques around and I am amazed how it makes the apartment more enticing and appealing to the eyes. I realized that we too need this beautiful address signs because actually we don't have one. The house number that I paste on the mail box is already loose. When I browse the site that my Aunt gave to me they have several beautiful personalized custom painted mailboxes and of what I saw I so love it!


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