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I've read and familiar about the word web hosting but really don't have any formal education about it. I know some people who are in the IT world know it more than any other. I had a date with my girlfriend today because it's her birthday. While we were having lunch our conversation went to how her husband loves computer so much that for so many time they'd upgrade their internet connection because her husband want to have the fastest internet connection. 
Since they have a business he was busy doing his web page at the same time looking for a good web hosting review. She told me, for him a review is a very good to start with. He is the kind of person who search first than jumping or acquiring a web site that he is not happy about it. Good thing that here in the internet you could search and look for a webhosting site. And to know of any webhosting news is his liking and he could find it easy in the internet, for he is a geek! ^_^ 
I told my friend that good thing her hubby is a geek because if not she would not enjoy so much about internet. But she also told me that they always has a huge expense because of those computer paraphernalia's. But at the same time happy because her husband stayed home and don't go out at night. ^_^  It's so nice to know that my friends are happy with their married life and I love to hear it.


SquirrelQueen said…
I like to research before picking a connection or anything else related to my computer. I'm a bit of a computer geek too I guess!

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