Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday-H



                                                                      Bee HIVE

                                                          HORSERADISH TREE (Moringa Oleifera)
If you are a Filipino or from any Asian country you know this plant. This is very healthful and we eat this almost everyday. We mix this to any seafood soup, or any kind of dish.
 General Nutrition
The immature green pods called “drumsticks” are probably the most valued and widely used part of the tree. They are commonly consumed in India and are generally prepared in a similar fashion togreen beans and have a slight asparagus taste. The seeds are sometimes removed from more mature pods and eaten like peas or roasted like nuts. The flowers are edible when cooked, and are said to taste like mushrooms. The roots are shredded and used as a condiment in the same way as horseradish; however, it contains the alkaloid spirochin,[3] a potentially fatal nerve-paralyzing agent, so such practices should be strongly discouraged.

The leaves are highly nutritious, being a significant source of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, protein, iron, and potassium.[4] The leaves are cooked and used likespinach. In addition to being used fresh as a substitute for spinach, its leaves are commonly dried and crushed into a powder, and used in soups andsauces. Murungakai, as it is locally known in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is used in Siddha medicine. The tree is a good source for calcium and phosphorus. In Siddha medicines, these drumstick seeds are used as a sexual virility drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men and also in women for prolonging sexual activity.
The Moringa seeds yield 38–40% edible oil (called ben oil from the high concentration of behenic acid contained in the oil). The refined oil is clear, odorless, and resists rancidity at least as well as any other botanical oil. The seed cake remaining after oil extraction may be used as a fertilizer or as a flocculent topurify water.[5]

The bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds, oil, and flowers are used in traditional medicine in several countries. InJamaica, the sap is used for a blue dye.
The flowers are also cooked and relished as a delicacy in West Bengal and Bangladesh, especially during early spring. There it is called shojne ful and is usually cooked with green peas and potato.  Source:Wikipedia
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fredamans said...

Great shots! My first time seeing a horseradish tree.

Sylvia K said...

What great H words/shots for the day! My first time to see a horseradish tree, too! Hope your week is going well!


Gramma Ann said...

I learn something new everyday, and the Horseradish Tree is new to me, today.

Leo said...

what lovely photos :) a nice H post, and its first time I'm seeing a horseradish tree as well :D

My H Post

Mara said...

I love the water shot. The tap is fantastic as well...

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

I am having a hardtime finding a Malunggay here in Asian Store.
Great H Collection. :)

My ABC Wednesday

Carver said...

Great shots and an interesting post for the letter H. I love the way hale looks although it can be destructive.

Petrus said...

A good selection of H's here ..

Pagan Sphinx said...

Such unique choices for the letter H! I love horseradish. I'll bet I would love cooking with the fresh leaves of your plant.

Have a great week and thank you for your kind visit!

George said...

Thanks for the information about the horseradish tree. That is one I didn't know about. I like the fact that you got water into the 'H' post.

Tumblewords: said...

I've never heard of the old horseradish tree - nice information!

photowannabe said...

Great series of H words. The tree is a first for me too. Its amazing how many uses there are for the entire tree. Thank you for the information.

Roger Owen Green said...

sounds healthy, which is an H word!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Beverley Baird said...

What great choices for H. Lots of info on the horseradish tree- all new to me!

Vernz said...

Hi Manang Kim, enjoy ako diyan sa malunggay mu sa paso,,, creative...

Hope you can drop by
My ABC Wednesday post here

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Wanda said...

What a nice collection of photos. I had never seen a horseradish tree either. Interesting.

Leslie: said...

Love your photos and my hubby would find the facts about the horseradish tree very fascinating. I'm not a fan, though. :)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful choice f words and images. Very nice stuff.

Wendy said...

I love all the "H's" you chose...If the horseradish tree is the same as we have in the states, I love Horseradish with just about anything. Great "H" post :)

Jama said...

I'm in Asia but have never used the horseradish in my cooking.

LisaF said...

The bee hive is a great shot! I hope all its inhabitants were away the day you shot it!

Carolyn Ford said...

wow, Manang, those a great and creative...I LOVE the H20! Good one!

Kero said...

I love the H2O! ...also my first time to see horseradish tree =)

my H entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/09/luxury-hotels-in-dubai.html

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