FSO-Local mystery

                                                                       What am I?
                                                                Figure it out already?
                                            Okay guys and gals this is very obvious, what am I?
                                                       Linking to FRIDAY SHOOT OUT
                            NOTE: I only have one local mystery, the three pictures are from one object

                                                       I AM A CABBAGE!


Doreen said…
end of some sort of lettuce?
Manang Kim said…
Thanks Doreen for coming but it's not the end of lettuce. ^_^
A.M.I.N.A said…
Cabbage as in "repolyo"?
This one kind of stumps me because I think they are all of the same thing. But the first two look like some kind of reptilian footprint in mashed potatoes. The last one looks like a large ugly fish swallowing a potato whole.
Pauline said…
It's my fate today to follow Mark around the blogs!
I, too, have a feeling they are all the same thing but the first two look to me to be some sort of creamed rice and the third I have absolutely no idea except that it is the cut off end of some sort of plant. It looks vaguely familiar but I can't place it so I might be back later if the whisper at the back of my mind gets louder. I think it is saying artichoke but I'm not sure.
Jama said…
a cross section of a cabbage?
NanU said…
The last one does look like the end of a cabbage of some kind. The other could be anything from ice cream to mashed cabbage to plaster.
Sara Williams said…
I think that its a cut cabbage and the last one is a cut artichoke?
Well I see you mention it is all the same object. Pretty sharp idea. I think it is a head of cabbage and the last shot is the end. The first are close ups of the cabbage itself.
J9 said…
I'm with QMM on this one!
A.M.I.N.A said…
So what's the answer Kim?
Ann said…
bottom of the cabbage for number 3, no idea the first two. unless, it is yam ice cream.
A Scattering said…
No idea, but it sure looks slimy!
GingerV said…
the first two stumped me cause it looked like whipped ege white... the bottom cabbage or even califlower. good mystery.

seperate - I have a lot of trouble viewing your blog. I can see that you have put a lot of effort into it - but it takes nearly a minute to load then 'loads with errors'
and each time I scrol or go to comments - same thing as the screne refreshes. just an FYI>

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