Yellow Stone Park National Theme Park

Guest blog post from my friend Alex Green.

If you are planning an extraordinary escapade for summer then it is best to consider Yellow Park National Theme Park . We were fortunate to be able to take advantage of their fee-free day last April 17- 25 in celebration of the National Park Week and we never experienced a dull moment during our entire escapade.
Yellow Stone National Theme Park offers a lot of exciting activities like boating, canoeing, rafting, fishing, and camping, but our group simply enjoyed the scenery and melodious interplay of sounds offered by nature. All of us were wise enough to bring our very own cameras which we used in taking pictures of the wildlife. This is one thing we made sure not to forget - just like setting our security alarm services before leaving our houses. We were mesmerized by the multiple displays of colors performed by nature through its wonderful creatures. I can even feel the cool breeze brushing through my face as we travel to the different spots inside the park.
We were allowed 2 hours for every stop so we could enjoy watching the activities of different herds. It's quite fascinating to observe how these creatures practice cooperation, which left me in constant contemplation during the remainder of the journey.
Our tourist guide was very enthusiastic. He was very eager to teach us the proper way of fishing. He even suggested that it is best to close our eyes when lying on the grass. According to him, we can hear the beat of nature clearer that way. He looks very familiar with the park as manifested in the calmness and fluidity of his movement. This made our group feel more secure and comfortable.
A one day stay at the park will not be enough. You will certainly want to stay longer. Unfortunately, we have our personal obligations to attend to, so we have to bid farewell to nature, and hope that we can once again return to this wonderful place.


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