Protecting Your Home while your on vacation

Thanks to guest blogger Kelly Martone for the post.

Securing your home before you leave on vacation should be considered a part of packing for your trip. Just as you make sure you have all the necessities you need while you are way, you must make sure home your home is secure while you are away. When you don’t have to worry about whether or not your home is secure while you’re away, you can better enjoy yourself. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your home is secure while you’re away. Step One. Know where everything is, and where it should be, in your house. Therefore if something is out of place you could be more aware of it. Step Two. Update your home owners insurance. Be sure to know what is included in your policy. Have all your insurance contact information with you, in case you need to make a claim. Step Three. Be sure your Riverside CA adt is set, especially if you are going on an extended stay. Step Four. Set your alarm system before leaving. If you do not have one, be sure to tell a neighbor to watch for any suspicious activity at your home. Be sure to give them your contact information. Step Five. Let a trusted friend or family member come and check on your house for you while you are away.


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