Barnyard express

Here in MI we don't have state fair I guess because we are broke ^_^. But still we have county fair which is good because I love going to fairs. Last week we went to our very own county fair and among the many things that I love to see is the Barnyard express. It's when this farmer name John talk about what is happening in the barn and he do it with live animals which makes it very cool. I too feel like a kid because I laugh with the kids ( actually adults laugh the laudest I tell you haha)!! 

                That's Farmer John, with the goat and the farm dog (forgot the animals name).

                            In his story telling, Farmer John called a volunteer to show how to milk a goat.

This little girl will milk the goat

                 Then farmer John called another volunteer to show how to handle a pig and feed. I love the smile of this little boy.

                                   And look how the little girl enjoyed feeding the piglet hehe!

                                                                      Here comes the pony

Here farmer John show this little boy how to be a cool cowboy which I did laugh a lot!
 That's why I do love to go to county fair aside from the elephant ears that I like to eat I'll see the amazing animals for free!! ^_^
                                    I am linking to Blue Monday and Ruby Red Tuesday


SmilingSally said…
My state has no state fair, but we also have county fairs. Farmer John is a showman for sure; he had those kids laughing big time.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.
UMMA said…
I would love watching those kind of barnyard express.. but we dont have it here in California.

Happy Blue Monday Manang Kim
Liza said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Happy RT!
Cafe au lait said…
Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.
Ralph said…
This is a wonderful exhibit. Kids love this, the animals are so gentle that Farmer John can teach them the basics.

Learning can be so fun, all that is needed is a good teacher...
Mama Ko said…
I would love to experience things like that. Look like all his animals are clean and well taken care of.
☺lani☺ said…
That's a great show specially for kids, showing lots of fun and experience!
Eden said…
My kids would love it but we don't have it in here. Great shots.
Belle said…
Nice, I think he had a very nice presentation..The kids were enjoying too :-)
eileeninmd said…
Wonderful series of photos! The kids and animals are cute. Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Spadoman said…
Looks like a nice time at the fair. I like the smaller county fairs and small town celebrations better than the big state fair.
These are a nice set of photos. Looks like we were there with you. Why didn't YOU milk the goat?

Crafty Gardener said…
Fairs are lots of fun and up here it seems most communities have one in the Fall.
shopannies said…
Our county fair is going on this week. Quite busy but I love the state fair. We have two one where the old one used to be then the big one in the Capital. One is in August , the other in September
Anonymous said…
how fun....reminds me of steve irwin.
Thanks for visiting my blog! I also love fairs, and these photos certainly capture the fun they provide!
Bonnie Bonsai said…
Very interesting Kim. It is good to get our kids involved on what is going on in our community. Great educational post.(We'd been to a barn show one day with my girls getting a hand on how to milk a cow. They were adventurous kids and were keen to learn. Farmlife is fun!
I have fond memories of the county fair when I was growing up!
anne said…
Hi Manang Kim yeah I also love the laugh of that boy, its contagious hehehe thanks for the visit
cHe said…
looks like your having a lot of fun;)
Ma.links said…
Re: Don´t really know what kind of berries they are :)

Great captures... your photos!
Nora Johnson said…
Happy RT too!

Look forward to *seeing* you again next week!

Irene said…
Lovely pictures! So fun for the kids!
EG Wow said…
I would enjoy that fair too. :)
Anonymous said…
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