Our weather for today was so fine, except for the snow still on the ground. But the whole day we are above freezing and the sun is out that is good enough for us here in Michigan to say thank you!! ^_^
Anyhow, later this afternoon I had this terrible headache. It was not a kind of headache because of a flu but it is about my eyes. I knew that I needed a new eyeglasses but I always keep on telling myself later or maybe tomorrow. Well, because I had a bad experienced in purchasing an eyeglasses. Hubby and I went to this doctor for an eye checked up after he is done checking us he gave us an eyeglasses that he said it is supposed to correct our visions. Well, since he has the authority to say that we take it but to my surprised the amount of two eyeglasses is too way expensive I was so shocked. When I checked the quality of the eyeglasses it would never passed my standard. Our mistake is that we didn't complain or take back the eyeglasses, so he think that we did like it then. I learned it a lot from then on, so when I see a friend wearing this very stylish eyeglasses I asked her right away where she got it. And to my surprised it is not expensive.
That is when I had the headache today, I remember my friends advice to checked the site that she gave me and so I did. There are a lot of eyeglasses to choose from depending on what you need. I so love a stylish eyeglasses but affordable though. 


dutchbaby said…
Hmmm,, very interesting idea. I've had a headache these last couple of days but I attributed it to the weather inversion. Maybe I need a new perscription for my glasses. Thank you!

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