Vacation soon...

I called my family back in the Philippines three hours ago and since it is morning of Sunday there everybody was in the house. I talked to my nieces and nephew and my nephew asked me one question that I have to think fast lol! Well,  he asked me when I am going to visit them. Will it be March 22 (because I promise him that which I should not) or June. I told him I may not be able to visit them by March because I am still looking for cheap flights for my airline tickets. In my mind I should not promise him because kids do remember what adults had promise them ahhh it is really a bummer.
Anyway, I told him that it would be nice if by the beginning of their classes this year and in his birthday I will be there. He was excited to hear that on his birthday I will be there thankfully, he understand my reason why I am not so sure in this coming March. I've been to the Philippines five times and every time I visit Philippines I see to it to check lonely planet for information on my travel.  It helps me find good hotels and find more latest news about travels. So check it out too if you are going to travel anywhere in the world.


rinzo said…
Nice entry. god bless.
Wengss said…
hello Kim,
sori now lang ko nakavisit dri murag taod taod naman ko wa kaduaw dri.

Lamia nmo oi cge man lang ka og uli sa ato.Ana jud no basta daghay kwarta dali ra kaayo kauli basta gustuhon.Kami ani ambot when napod mi balik kung makakita og pamasahi. hhehe

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