Media console furniture

I've been trying to get busy this days because for  one reason I can't get out to enjoy my garden or just walk around because the ground is covered with snow. And if I try to do that just like yesterday it is just too cold that I lose my interest on checking my garden if there is already some sprouting plants on the ground. So while I was watching movie a thought came into my mind, I would love to paint our living room and kitchen. Yup, just by the thought of it makes me excited because I can do something that is worthwhile while waiting for spring season to come. But hubby insisted to wait for spring time to come in order for me to open the window and let the fresh breeze of air comes in and out the house and that would make the paint easy to dry up. And besides he continued to tell me that  he is looking for a  media console furniture

ah what? I asked him a media console furniture for our living room? And he answered precisely! My eyes popped out I couldn't believe what I heard and I couldn't help myself from laughing it was a big surprise. He continued to tell me that he found this site that has  gorgeous furniture and since him and I are looking for a very good one he look at it and decided to surprise me. One thing that he like the media console furniture it has lots of storage for dvr, and other stuff to put into now I am very excited to have one. 


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