An afternoon at St. Benedictine Monastery

The weather yesterday was beautiful and with that kind of weather many people here in MI love to go outside spending time together  capturing the moment of Fall before the rigid Winter weather strikes us. So yesterday we decided to see pumpkin patch but it was change on the last minute, instead we decided to visit a Benedictine Monastery just a few miles away from us.
I love visiting Monasteries and churches it makes me happy. When I was in Iligan working (around  90's) me and my friends used to visit and do our retreat in Bukidnon. We used to visit Monastery of the Transfiguration and do our weekend retreat there. After I resigned from worked I already don't have time to visit any monasteries and do retreats. And so when I found out that we have Monasteries around I couldn't keep myself from looking at there website and reading there news from time to time.
Yesterday  was the time my wish was granted. We were at the  parking lot hubby noticed me I was already smiling and when I got out from the car I was jumping up and down I couldn't believe I was there!! I was thanking God for everything I was just so happy!


Understandable lang na matuwa ka at mag jump nung makita mong monastery sa lugar ninyo dahil matagal mo nang namiss ang mga ito. Speaks so much of your spiritual side. Siyempre at peace ka at kalmante pag nasa loob ng isang monasteryo o kaya'y nagre retreat. Feeling mo kasama mo si God. May you find spiritual peace and contentment in the place where you are residing right now. Thanks for your post. God bless you always.
ang ganda ng monastery na yan manang kim
btw, yep maraming pwedeng gawin sa branson...I highly recommend "ride the ducks" and "silver dollar city" ^_^
marykay said…
Hi Kim, i scrolled thru your pictures and you look so cute and happy. I like the buildings and statues at monastary you visited. I am doing great, havent updated in a a long time. I have a lot to talk about and to update so plan to do that one day soon. Take care and again, I enjoyed your always have interesting topics and nice pictures. God bless and take care.
S-H-Y said…
WOW this is very nice place to visit :P..
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, the time I spend in the monastery (as a retreatants) is one of the my treasured moments in my life. Thanks be to God for those wonderful moments.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, sabi ko nag sa hubby ko I hope makapunta kami dyan talagang nagagandahan ako sa place lalo na sa silver dollar city.
Manang Kim said…
Hello Kay it is so great to see you here. I know your so busy after graduating your nursing course and I do understand if you can't visit me that often. I am so proud of you girl!!!
Manang Kim said…
Hi SHY, indeed it is. It has a different aura, when we were there hubby was looking for the monks. I told him you can't see them they might be praying or working. Anyway he will see them this Sunday because we will attend the mass there.
dhemz said…
oh my...very nice sculpture tKim....maau kay naka visit diay mo sa monastery...:)

winter naman kaau imong get up tkim....maau kay wala pa ga snow dha nuon.

salamat tuod sa paglabay...:)

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