Paalam Tita Cory!

Since the day that the former Philippine President Cory Aquino died I was glued to the news. It was my husband who told me early that Saturday morning that Cory died. So I look at it in yahoo and yes there it was the story of her passing I was sad. Her passing away brings back a lot of memories.....

......1983 I was in 2nd year college when her husband Ninoy was assasinated. We were scared my father thought at that time that this will be the beginning of "something". 

.....1986 I was reviewing in Cebu when the revolution broke out. You can't find a yellow t-shirt people are buying it. People are in the street marching and shouting. I thought at that time ito na ang simula nang civil war mahirap din kasing kalabanin ang mga Marcos at that time. Until nakuha talaga nang mga tao ang Malacanang and the Marcoses fled the country. 

Since I was born until I was in my 20's I only knew one president and that is Marcos. I could say (and I don't know if I am bias) but he is a brillian president. Kaya lang pag ang isang tao na mamumuno na kay tagal (20 years) mahirap because the people around them who I like to call leeches are the one na parang namumuno na rin. They became powerful too and seem like untouchable. That's what makes the Marcos downfall talagang wala nang sense wala nang demokrasya. Yung mga mayayaman nagpuntahan na sa ibang bansa eh kaming mahihirap was left behind sa Pinas.

Alala ko pa noon may curfew lalo na after na declare yung martial law. Ang daming nagrerebelde noon at ang daming nawawalang tao. At di namin alam kung sino ang kumuha ang mga sundalo or ang mga rebelde.

Kaya when Ninoy was assasinated the Filipino people lose hope it was Ninoy that the people place their hope for. Nobody foresee that Ninoy's widow will and can change the course of the Philippine history.

So sa iyo Madame Cory thank you for everything. YOu are the epitome of a true Filipina woman. May you rest in peace.


Anonymous said…
Are you from Misamis Occidental? I read somewhere about Clarin. My mother's from Sinacaban and I've passed Clarin many times ^_^
Clarissa said…
May she rest in peace...She' s a great loss to our country..
May Tita COry rest in peace. She is a good example of good FIlipino.
musta na manang kim?long tym no hear.
marykay said…
Hi Dear, you are such a tender hearted person for posting for tita Cory and your parents. I also like your alliance of the two hearts picture on your blog and want to find one for my blog too. Your blog touches me everytime I come in here even if its been a while. I am happy to hear you have a good trip to the Philippines with your family, neices, and nephews. Take care Kim...
Anonymous said…
napanood ko recently ung isang documentary about People Power entitled "Lakas Sambayanan." through old video clips naipakita ang kahalagahan ng People Power Revolution. Galing ng Pinoy! Galing ng pananalig ni Tita Cory at ng sambayang Pilipino :)
Weng Forsgren said…
pres. cory aquino was a good president and good example to all filipinos.
My eyes was also glued to the news.I was cried during Kris speach, pati si hubby umiyak.

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