How sweet...

Happy Sunday to all. Yesterday, was my step-son's day it's his wedding day to his girlfriend. Hubby and I went to church 4:00pm since the wedding ceremony will start at 4:30pm it was so hot thankfully I brought my philippine fan hehe. The ceremony ended up very well after the picture taking everybody went to the reception place and the whole night we dance. We arrived home almost 10:00pm I was sore all over iba na talaga pag hinde makasayaw nang mga ilang panahon lol!! Here is the picture of last night event.

The newly wed
The couple Me and Savannah the bride's daughter

Anyway, this morning after we went to church we went to visit a friend and it so happen that he had a tree of peach. I was so amazed how plenty the peach fruit are in one tree it is in breaking point already hehe. Our friend told us to picked as many as we could. The bad thing is that we can't consume all so we just take what we can.
And remember few months ago I have told here in my blog that this year I am going to plant roses. Well I did.....I planted 3 roses this year and guess what one of them give me a flower. It is salmon or pink in color and I just love it. I was thinking of not cutting it but since it is my first rose (that I planted) ever in my life I asked hubby to cut it for me and here is the picture.


Hi! I'm Grace said…
Congratulations to the newly wed. Ang sweet ng picture ninyo ng hubby mo at ang sexy naman ni Savannah.
Marami rin kaming peaches dito sa backyard namin. :)
Clarissa said…
Send my greetings to the newly wed!!Congratulations to both of them!!^_^Feel ko uling ikasal--this time with Jenson Button naman lol!!
You look great,Ate Kim and your husband,too!!^_^
chubskulit said…
I love your get up Tkim! Congrats sa bagong kasal..
misty said…
wow, fruit of your labor hehehe, pretty rose!
Dhemz said…
woi kasal man diay sa imo SS te...nag attend sad me ug kasal adtong sabado...sos gkapoy tawon akong kalawasan...maong karon lang ko naka update sakong blog....mag email rakok nimo ugma puhon teKim ha....:)

woi nakapamulak na diay imong roses? my nice...hehehe!

oh btw, you look great and retty on your dress....:)
S-H-Y said…
Congrats to the newly wed, oh my favorite peach :P.
Congratulations to your son in law and his bride. The peaches you picked up from your friend's yard look so delicious. The rose you picked up from your own garden looks so beautiful. Gardening is really relaxing and fulfilling. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
marikay said…
Hi Kim dear, so you are back from the PI! I'm sure you have fun. congrats to your step-son getting married. I like that pic of you and your hubby, you both look good together. And wow, that young girl in blue is tall! Its funny that Aly left 8th grade w/a lot of filipino kids so she was considered "tall". Now her new school has a lot of caucasian kids and oh boy, she is short compared to them! It makes me laugh because everyone use to think she is so tall. Anyway, just visiting and wanted to share good news with you that I passed my NCLEX RN and am now an official Registered Nurse! I have God to thank for all his love and graces.
hi manang! you look gorgeous sa iyong pic! so sexy! ^_^ syempre lovely couple kayo tulad ng kinasal. Yun daughter ng kinasal wow so pretty! ang tangkad and sexy! ^_^

favorite ko yan peaches! ^_^ mahilig ako gumawa ng peach-mango graham cake dati ^_^

ganda ng rose mo manang! ^_^
iamhoney said…
i love the smell of peaches... my mom also have some roses in our garden and it's nice to see them bloom

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