Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another bargain day...

Yesterday my friend Mary called me and left a message that today in her area has 3 subdivision garage sale. This morning I went to the subdivision that she told me and meet her there hehehe, we were having a ball, all three subdivision we went through and we found very good deal. Ashley was with (my friends daughter) us and so we just took our time walking around the subdivision looking for good stuff, good condition and cheap item. As usual I am looking for my nieces and nephew stuff and I noticed that it is hard to find nice stuff for boys than girls. Boys pants or t-shirts usually ended up shabby looking unlike the girls dresses it does look brand new. But if you are a bargain hunter like me you could find good one because I have to look for it and not jump right away in one house and buy what is appealing to the eyes rather go hop like a grasshopper that what makes the fun hehehe.

How much do you think is this Naturalizer wedge? It is only $1!! Good deal or bad deal hehe.Okie dokie this is my favorite stuff for the day, I say favorite because this 3 men Eau de Toilette just cost me $5 oh yeah!! The Fahrenhiet by Dior is $2, Aramis Life is $2 and Dune by Dior is $1. And look at the bottle parang hinde na kunan nang kahit isang patak man lang. I really did asked again if how much each one because I don't want to pay much it is not my priority but anyway she told me it is just $2 I took it all in other word pinakyaw ko lol! And here are the rest of what I bought today: Barbie stroll bag $2, Barbie dolls .50cent, barbie books .25cent,barbie tea party fun dough set $1,girls dressess $2 and tops .50cents, and boys pants and shirts .50cents.


Weng Forsgren said...

hello Kim,
talaga bargain to? kanindot oi. naa pod diay bargain diha? I thought ako lang mahilig sa bargain parehas ra diay ta hehe. Bitaw why pay too much if pwede ta makapalit og barato.Sometimes they are selling stuffs that are unused.
Dri nagsugod nasad ang flee market, every saturday na because of warm weather. wala pa ko kasuroy, mangita napod kog second hand ani hehe.maayo ning barato kay daghay mapalit.

Beth said...

Hi Manang Kim! Ang sarap talaga mamili pag may garage sale... ang sarap tumawad! 2 months ago, nagtinda rin ang anak ko at yung bestfriend nya sa garage sale, mga laruan lang ang binenta nila pero kumita sila ng tig 50 Euro ^_^

Dhemz said...

oh my..gina career naman jud nimo ni teKim...sos, woi arag silingan ta para mo tag along lang dayon ko nimo...hehehe!...great deal indeed!

Woi te, just let me know lang unsa imo Q about sa PPP...sayang imo PR kung d nimo gamiton sa PPP...I mean pagkuha sa opps...hehehe!

tuod te, nag join nako sa from now on..suki nako nimo sa pag pindot sa imong ads...ayaw lang saba ni Google...hahahha....:)

Manang Kim said...

Hello Weng, I dont know kung pareho ba mo sa London nga ug mag flee market gani manggawas ang mga branded nga mga purse, bags ug perfume ug pagkabarato ra daw kaayo. Kay naa ko fren dire iyang cousin naa sa London sus mga branded lagi nga mga bags ipangpadala sa iyaha. Bargain hunter kaayo ko oi labi na mga stuff sa mga bata kay pila ka bulan matuboan man dayon.

marykay said...

Wow, I like those naturalizer shoes! that's my style! They look brand new and that brand is so comfortable. I like ALL the stuff you bought even in your other entry. Its fun to find such awesome deals! plus your neice and nephews will put the things you get for them to good use. Well I can breathe a sigh of relief today because I passed a comprehensive test I needed to pass in order to graduate. If I did not pass this test, I don't pass the program. Its fast because I'm in an Accelerated nursing program. Its one year only. I get my Bachelor's degree in one year & I have decided to continue for another 10 months and get my Masters of Nursing degree. Whats nice is after I pass my NCLEX, I can work since my Masters part is only on weekends part time. So I am breathing a sigh of relief today because tests really stress me out, especially ones that test me on so much content. Take care dear and thanks for stopping by & always having such fun blog entries!

Manang Kim said...

Hi Beth, may garage sale ba rin dyan? Naku ha 50euros earnings for kids malaki na din yan. Sarap nga mag garage sale lalo na pag maka-tsamb na mga bago halos ang mga stuff.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Dhemz, oo gina-career gyud na nako every year hehe kay mao man na akong ipangsend sa akong mga nieces and nephew for balikbayan box. Specially mga books kay mahal biya na sa ato bugas nalang unahan kaha ug palit hehe. Ay sus ug silingan pa ta maguban gyud ta ani perme hehe.
Mo email ko sa imo about aning mga PPP ug uban pa ha thanks daan.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Kay, wow I am so happy for you girl. I am so impressed ang dali mo lang natapos yung nursing degree mo dito iba ka kasi ang talino mo!!

Mel Alarilla said...

Wow, you are really a bargain hunter. And your purchases were all dirt cheap. Hanga na ako sa pagiging wise buyer mo. I'm just amazed how American women buy all sort of things during their shopping frenzy only to sell them later on dirt cheap at garage sales. Shows us how those extravagant advertisements have controlled the minds of these women. Thanks for the post and the photos. God bless you always.

Manang Kim said...

You nailed it Mel. Yan din ang nasasa-isip ko everytime I go to garage sale. Sometimes you won't believe you thought you are inside a boutique may mga tag pa yung mga dressess. Sometimes nga maisip ko how in the world they accumulate that much stuff? One time I was in this house and almost all her childrens dressess has tags. People who were there of course had the best time ever eh talagang bago halos lahat. Then one woman bluntly asked her how come that she had so much stuff still with tags. And she says sometimes she forgot she got this or that dress then ended up buying again, well duh!! Parang shopaholic na ata kinalabasan niya doon hehe. Thanks for dropping by Mel, God bless!

G.O.D said...

wow nman ate nag gagarage sale ka din pla naku ganyan ako minsan pero ngayun tigil muna haha kc naubos na yung kita ko sa blogs ipon muna good deal talaga ate nabili mo

Manang Kim said...

Hi Grace oo palagi akong mag garage sale basta spring na. Pag fall and winter ipon nang mga quarters for the next year. I true believe in this adage "every penny counts", oh di ba?

Beng said...

wow! sana meron din ganyan kamura dito..sana pwede magpabili..hehehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Women are happiest when they spot a shoe store banner displaying, "SPECIAL SALE", ha ha.
And when the going gets tough, she goes shopping.
You keep well and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

Rossel said...

ang mura naman lalo na yung perfumes. bakit walang ganyang kamura dito? dito kase kahit used basta imorted e mahal pa rin binebenta.grrr!

Manang Kim said...

Hello Beng, sana makahanap ako sa gusto mong ipagbili hehe.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by. LOl women knew when and where to shopped and we are happy to get a good bargain too.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Rossel, oo yan ang huge difference dito at dyan. Dito kasi pag ayaw na kahit isang beses lang ginamit or hinde ginamit pag ayaw na ayaw na talaga grabe ka spender mga tao dito. Dyan kahit half pa ang nakuha parang bumili ka nang bago eh kasi mahal parin. Dito naku parang give-aways nalang sa mura.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow manang kim ang gaganda naman nyan at mura pa! i wonder if meron ganyan dito sa amin...sana meron para makabili din ako...hehe..^_^

Manang Kim said...

for sure may mga sub-sale dyan sa inyo, try to look at it in your local newspaper.

Clarissa said...

wwwahhh!!pinakyaw na lahat ni Ate Kim,walang natira sa akin!!(T_T)

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