Pissed off...

Have you been so pissed off? Last night I was so pissed off by a cousin of my hubby. The story is this yesterday I woke up at 6:22am. I immediately checked my laptop if I have an offline message from my niece but there was none. I read my blog and I saw all the messages and comments it makes me smile. But I didn't blog hopped nor do make any posting. Instead, I headed to the kitchen and started preparing the ingredients to make Beef caldereta, egg pie and lumpia shanghai. Almost half of the day I was in the kitchen. At noon time I take a little time off from the kitchen I was setting on the couch watching movie, felt sleepy took a little nap but still when I woke up I feel groggy seems like I am so tired. Yesterday was very sunny day though the wind is chilly, I was still setting on the couch when I decided to go outside and started to cleaned up the yard. There were still branches and twigs that was left in the yard to be picked up. So I did started do my work, picking and raking and putting all the branches and twigs in the tractor. I've been doing that for I don't know how long but when I came in the house it was already almost 7:00pm and I was hungry!! I ate my beef caldereta and told hubby I was so tired and kind of feeling cranky so I had to hit the hay early. I did, and while I was in bed I had a hard time sleeping jeez!! My brain is still wondering and so active but my body is so tired. I tired to syncronized my body and my brain so I could sleep and rest and I guess I did that for several time BUT this cousin of my hubby keep on calling him in his cellphone in the middle of the night!!! The cellphone was in vibration mode and hubby was at the living room he couldn't hear the vibration sound but I did!!! I couldn't crawl to the other side of the bed I was just so tired and so sleepy. He called hubby I think 3 times the last time was at 10:30pm. Hubby was in the bedroom when he heard the cellphone buzzes again and AGAIN I did woke up!! Jeez I was so pissed off I hollered my hubby and threating him I am going to throw that cellphone I was just so mad to his cousin calling at the middle of the night with just one question is he going to the other family breakfast (because there are two family breakfast located in two different location) jeez!! And if I am so pissed off that is when I speak my native language the BISAYA MOMENT. Mura na ug si Lapu-lapu kakaonon na ug kalayo ba ug akong dunggan nag-aso2x na gyud sa kasuko. And because of what happened last night this morning I have a terrible headache. I woke up early this morning and if I am mad I don't like to talk, hubby greeted me with a smile as if nothing happened but my kilay nag cross na gyud I don't feel okay I am so deprived of sleep. Because I was pissed off and I had this headache I told my hubby I won't go with him at the family brunch, rather I would continue the work that I started yesterday and so I did. Feels good then I have something I accomplish today.


ROSSEL said…
minsan lang ako mainis pero pag nainis ako grabe...naghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan...hehehe.

hope you are ok now manang kim.
We must learn to be more patient. There are irritating events that sometimes throw us off but we can always think of the agonizing moments the Lord suffered while He hung on the cross. Giving in to moments of irritation will only cost us bigger problems and headache. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Ross, ako din minsan lang naman kaya uusok tinga ko and the Bisaya moment lalabas hay naku buhay talaga. I am doing okey now had a good sleep last night and the cellphone is out from the bedroom.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, naku po I am guilty as charge. That is what happened to me I was so irritated it caused me having a headache the next day. Good thing I put all my negative energy at work at nawala naman. I do appreciate your comment Mel thanks for dropping by.
Madz said…
Hello te Kim, musta na? I've read this about a week ago, sad jud no... I am also have my moments like this too... hahahahah mogawas jud ang pagka bisaya!! hahahahah

Sensya na jud nga talagsa ra ko visit ha kay kapoy nman jud tawn, can't stay long na jud of sitting down..

Uy ako baby karon kay naglihok jud, active kau sya uy.... lisod na jud tawn ko tulog, don't have much sleeping position now except lying on my back kay bug-at na kng magtakilid ko hehehheeh... then lingaw kau Ams kay most mornings na karon nga inig mata nako momata pod sya then mag yawn na sya, feel jud nako... feels so amazing, then play dayon ko MP3 sa ako tummy... dvaaa naa sya award sa iyng magmata inig mata sa iya mommy. hehehehe

Have a wonderful day, hugs & kisses... God bless, mwah mwah

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