Random things about me...and tags answered.

Honest Crap Award rules:
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10 things about me:
1. I don’t have parents anymore.
2. 50% introvert 50% extrovert.
3. A very loving contented wife to my LH.
4. A loving Aunt to my nephew and nieces.
5. I love photography.
6. I love to reflect things that comes on my daily activities.
7. I can’t swim.
8. I love to travel.
9. I have a sense of humor.
10. I am in my early 40’s and feeling gorgeous! Hehe!

What do You Love About Your Husband?

Blogs are good places to vent and to talk to others about problems but I thought we could use a positive tag to talk about our better half and since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I’m creating this tag dedicated to our hubby.
When I hopped over to married life its like everyone is cheating and separating....that makes me feel like Im the only one! I know it's not right to dwell on the things you don't like about your spouse, so I am posting the question.... What made you fall in love with your husband? Was it something he did/does for you? Or is there something about him that you love?

Where do I start?

I fall for him as the days go by because he is what he is.
I have known my LH for almost 8 years and married to him for almost 5 years. From the first time I meet him online and until now I haven’t seen him change not a single bit. He is true to his words and action and that makes me feel so thankful and blessed.
He is the answer of my prayer.
He told me over and over again that his goal in life is to make me happy. And I am always speechless every time he reminded me that. Because here is the man that is the answer of my prayer who love me that much what could I ask for.
He is a great husband and the perfect man for me. He balances me with all my craziness.
He always had a ready smile and easy to laugh with all my clownishness.
He loves to cook for me I am his baby.
I love it when every night before we go to sleep we talked and read the bible and shared what is the inspiration that came to us from the Holy Spirit.

I loved it when we got to Sunday mass together even if he is not a baptized Catholic. He never criticized me but willingly go with me.
For me he is the handsomest man in the world lol. And I like to kiss his armpit that makes him chuckle and giggles and I love doing it to him.
I could go on and on but that is what I could share for now. God bless!

Treasured Award
Another precious award from Umma’s happy moments happy thoughts . I am so glad that Umma is one person who never forgotten me to include in her tag. Thanks dear!

Let me share this Irish Blessings' friendship proverb:
May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


1. Cell phone
2. wallet
3. Make up purse/comb
4. rosary
5. Red pepper defense spray (watch out)
6. eyeglass
7. Car keys/house key

Three things you do when you’re really stressed:
1. I watched horror movies and shout as loud as I can.
2. I play online games
3. I whine!!

Five favorite fruits:
1. Mango
2. Lanzones
3. Jackfruit
4. rambutan
5. mangostan

What are you thinking about right now?
- I am thinking about the stimulus plan the government want to be released. What we need is job.

Where is your phone?
- home phone on the couch, cellphone right here by my side

Where do you sleep?
- in the bedroom

Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing now?
- Old Navy

What was the last thing you ate?
- Fried rice with sardines and ginamos.

What kind of cellphone service do you have?
- sprint

What is the closest item near you that is white?
- paper and pen

Last time you laughed loudly? why?
- last night…I was clowning around sniffing my hubbies armpit

When did you last feel a tree with your bare hands?
- Around October or November

The twelve facts about yourself:

1. Are you photo addict?
- Yes, I like to take picture of any kind I am a frustrated photographer
2. What were you doing this morning at 8am?
- sleeping
3. Do you care for your Friendster?
- Oh yes.
4. How many different beverages have you drank since yesterday?
- 5 kinds
5. What are three things you hate?
- I hate snakes
6. What do you wish for?
- Good health and protection to my husband, family and friends
7. Something you are excited about?
- valentines day
8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
- durian
9. Describe your key chains?
- giveaway bank keychain
10. Do you know anyone in prison?
- none that I know off
11. Party girl/boy or Home girl/boy?
- I am a happy contented home bound gurl
12. Name someone you miss.
- not just someone but a lot like my nieces and nephew , brother and sister back in RP.

Have You Ever Tags

1: Have you ever been on T.V.?

~~yes when the local tv station in my hometown cover the news about our volunteer work.

2: Have you ever sung in public?

~~ oh yes at the wedding of my cousin

3: Have you ever dyed your hair blond?

~~ nope but I'd love to try

4: Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?

~~ yes but not all the time specially when hubby and me went for dinner at a chinese restaurant

5: Have you ever received a present that you really hated?

~~ yup

6: Have you ever walked into a lamp post?

~~ i think so

7: Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?

~~ oh yes it was exhausting because it was a fiesta in my hometown and after I do the cooking I slept and didn't enjoy the occasion.

8: Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?

~~ got yah!!

9: Have you ever done volunteer work?

~~ yes I do and it is fun.

Thanks to all my blogger friends who always remember me to include in their tags. God bless!


Umma said…
Hello Manang Kim.. wow!! pinakyaw mo lahat ng awards ha? Just kidding.. Thanks for posting pala.. Its fun to know more about you as well as hos did you met your banana..

Pareho pala tayo, di din ako marunong mag swim.. gusto ko sa dagat pero Im so afraid sa water hahaha.

Take care Manang Kim.. God Bless you and hubby to live more longer and have a blissful marriage life.
Manang Kim said…
Oo nga pinakyaw ko na baka kasi makalimutan ko na sayang naman. Thanks for tagging me. God bless!
Clarissa said…
Hello there,Ate Kim!!Nice to know something about you!!Nagulat ako,I thought matagal na akong di nakabisita sa site mo!
Thanks for visiting,Ate Kim!!
Clarissa said…
I'm back and you've been tagged again!!(with this kind of timing,lol!)
Manang Kim said…
hi clare thanks sa tag good timing talaga hehe.
ja said…
opo manang kim nakapunta na ko last year sa el salvador city. 50 ft ng statue ni divine mercy doon. nawala kc cam ko kya la ko nklagay pix a blog ko wen i wa there.
chubskulit said…
Hello Manang Kim, visiting you again. Whew, this is long but interesting to read... At least meron na po akong alam a little about you..

can we xlink po?
Manang Kim said…
Janz, ako last year at timing naman na umulan grabe. But for the Lord no matter what aakyatin ang bundok makarating lang sa tuktok hehe. Thankfully nobody got sick.
Manang Kim said…
Hi rose, oo nga at least you have an idea about me na. I am a kind of person who likes to be transparent likes to have friends all around the world and jokes a lot. I already added you thanks for dropping by. Happy weekend.
janz said…
Manang. maraming maraming salamat po sa walang sawang pag comment sa blog ko. happy weekend po!and god speed!
janz said…
Manang, gcng kapa?wheww!!!!!!!!
Weng Forsgren said…
Manang Kim,
thanks sa visit.
bisaya pod diay ka pareha ta hehe.
I added your 2 blogs sa akong list.
ganahan sad ko sa imo other blog kay makagutom hee. interesting blog.
Weng Forsgren said…
Manang Kim,
thanks sa visit.
bisaya pod diay ka pareha ta hehe.
I added your 2 blogs sa akong list.
ganahan sad ko sa imo other blog kay makagutom hee. interesting blog.
Mom of Four said…
Mang Kim, dami kang Taggers ah..you're right, that means, naaalala ka nila..Sarap mo i tag, nag po post ka...Have a great day!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Liz, I like tagging din kasi sometimes walang maisip ilagay sa blog. Napapasma na tong daliri ko sa kaka-tap sa hard wood wala pa ring maisip hehe.

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