Monday, February 23, 2009


~~~Way back 2005 the year after I arrived here in MI I was so excited to play with snow. But that winter between 2004-2005 we hardly don’t have that much of snow. It was almost spring time when it snows so hard like it almost reached to my butt. Hubby asked me if I like to play outside since that was my first time to see a lotttt of snow. So I did, I put on the boots and the suit pants and all kinds of clothing that I think of just to be warm while playing. But hubby told me that the kind of snow that we had at that time is not good for making snowman. What I did is just play around and I even didn’t do angel2x because the snow is a little bit deep. That time I am imagining I was at the beach playing with the waves so I make those diving2x moment hahaha. After playing I went inside the house cleaned up and almost immediately I feel intensed pain in my stomach. It was too painful I ran to the bathroom then I found out that I was bleeding. The next few hours, which I can’t count my fingers how many times I went to the bathroom I was bleeding profusely and my lower abdomen is so painful. Thankfully I was able to sleep that night but the next day we went to an ob-gyne and the doctor checked me up. I thought I had a miscarriage but the result was negative. The whole month I did bleed I’d put a sanitary napkin on me the whole time because sometimes the blood is too much sometimes it is just a spotting and pain goes with it too.
Now, my theory to what happened to me at that time is that I had the what we call “PANUHOT”, too much cold my body was shocked eh I was 38 at that time medyo tigolz na din hehe. That is why now I have this kind of second thought or di ba kaya phobia na ito of deep snow specially when it is too3x cold. Nobody even my husband could take me out specially when it is snowing hard. Kahit pa sabihin ni hubby na we are going to a restaurant to eat or go to the mall or wherever I just decline the offer what the heck. I even cry if hubby will become a bugger because he wanted me to go with him and I said no! Geez I’ll have the biggest fit in the whole wide world hubby couldn’t believe it. Mantakin mong makaranas nang one month of bleeding aba feeling ko noon wala na akong dugo! And the pain sus me grabe di ko ma imagine parang the ovary goes with it. And all the medicine that I took ang dami plus meron pang ilagay inside the v----- ewwwwww!!


S-H-Y said...

HEHEHE...Pasabta ko asa na ang panuhot niad2 add na tka te hope you do the same..gnahan ko sa imo post pina sexy na panuhot hehehe...

Manang Kim said...

hi shy ang panuhot ning adto sa ubos hahaha.

Mom of Four said...

Traumatized ka Manang Kim. Ganyan din siguro ang reaction ko if nangyari sa akin yan. Pwede pala ang ganon? mag bleed ka for a month? and yet there is nothing wrong inside you. Hmmm..nalamigan ang loob ng tyan mo? or something like that? Scary huh. Nut, oh well..if nobody can make you go out when it's snowing, eh wala na silang magagwa, kasi ikaw ang na trauma, di naman sila di ba? I know your hubby understands naman..
Have a great day!

Clarissa said...

(T_T)ganun pala yung panuhot?Buti na lang di naubos dugo mo?!Di ko ma-imagine yung napakaraming dugo na lumabas sa yo!

misty said...

Oh my goodness, nabigla yung system ng body mo ate... Ako naman ang problema ko every winter is my nose.. Its always dry and bleeding..

Umma said...

hahaha kakaloka naman ang panuhot entry na to..I cant help myself laughing man jud while reading. Maybe bec of the wordings you added Manang Kim hahahah..

Cguro, nabag-uhan ang lawas mo Nang Kim.. d ba naman gi dive nimo ang snow.. murag hinuon to swimming pool hahha... nagka phobia tuloy mugawas pag sobrang snow..

Well, at least u did enjoy ang snow..

Manang Kim said...

~~hi mommy liz, oo my body and me myself was traumatized. If I am outside na grabe ang snow and then I feel pain in my back naku wala na gusto ko nang umuwi sa bahay talaga. I don't want to experienced that thing anymore hirap.

Manang Kim said...

~~hi mommy clare oo nga eh pero nanghihina talaga ako noon. At masakit siya grabe.

~~ mommy umz, hehe ako nga din natatawa na sa entry ko dito. Naninibago talaga ako sa lamig siguro nagka-ganun ako kasi ba naman nag dive2x ako meron ako nun so yun gipanuhot open ang ovary hehe.


Manang Kim said...

~~hi misty, ganyan din ako mag nose bleed ako kinaumagahan and very dry nose ko. so bumili kami nang humidifier ngayon hinde na ako masyadong mag nose bleed.

Rej said...

panuhot. bagong kaalaman. ano po un sa english?

sana makakita din ako ng snow sa personal. =)

Manang Kim said...

hi rej, it is flatulence in english or kabag ata sa tagalog.

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