Monday, October 26, 2015

Water World Wednesday

                                       WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                              Episode 78, Year 2

Last week, I talked and showed to you about Empire Beach, Empire, Michigan and its beautiful photos. Though I like to spend sometime at the beach the wind is cold so hubby and I drove around town. Then we found this winding road and voila we found the Empire Bluff Trail and I am telling you I thought it's only like maybe half a mile walk, well it is not I think it's more than 2 miles that we hike and that's only one way. As I looked at the sky it gets gloomy but my dedication and power I told myself I can do it I know after these trail there is a gem hidden and I was right. The first stop where the bench is....

 Do you see the dune and the beach? And if you were here last week this part where I took the picture has also a dune which we are heading to. Then I noticed the hearth shape lake.

                                                  Here is the heart shape lake, beautiful!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Can You Say

What can you say? Fall or Autumn for me is the most colorful and amazing season. Sshhh I am playing favorites here, don't you noticed that? LOL!! I am now sure after living here in the US for 11 years now Fall is my fave. Last week we went Up North of Michigan to see Fall colors well it was very gloomy but sometimes sun will peek from the cloudy sky and I get a chance to take some photos. Fall colors is the best when the sun is shining I think the color gets more vibrant when it does.
Oh by the way last weekend we saw both beautiful season...the Fall and Winter because when we get home last Saturday, it snowed!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Reflection

I didn't noticed these reflection until I downloaded my photos in my computer. Beautiful fall colors a sign and a reflection. Women did you noticed the Tanger Outlets?? ^_^

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                    Episode 77, Year 2

Hello Blogger Friends!! How is your weekend? Hubby and I went to Traverse City to see Fall Colors. Well it so happened that this year seems it is kind of late. But not late for snow I tell you we had snow last Saturday!! But that is another story to tell, it is like a freak show but not!! Anyways, so hubby and I went to Traverse City last Thursday, after checking in the hotel we immediately set our self to see the part of Sleeping Dune. I already had plan on driving along M-22 where it is known to have a scenic beauty but since it is already late in the afternoon, I told hubby we just have to drive to Empire, Michigan. Oh that place is beautiful we stumbled Empire Bluff Trail. But the photos below were from the Empire, Michigan beach, on the right and the left you can see the Sleeping Dune, and breaking news we indeed climb/walk to the top but when on top we thought it's the last no it is not we have to walk further up but cannot do it no more, stay tuned for more photos next week as we hike the trail of Empire Bluff Trail. Here are some of photos of the beach....

                                                                So here is the beach

                                       I move around to see the right side corner of the beach

                                                                      A little closer

                                                            Zooming in...........

                           This is the left side of the beach....I zoom this in...and hubby and I went to the top of that Hill, as well.

                         Michigan is a beautiful state. I have not seen all yet and were going to.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Snow in Fall

Hubby and I went to Traverse City, Michigan to see Fall colors. Well when we get there colors and not in full color some trees are still green and some are already withering it is kind of weird actually. But I guess every year is different and what makes us laugh is that last Saturday) upon coming home in Traverse City and other towns had a snow not just flurries but snow. Yes on October and when we get home as soon as we stopped at our driveway hail pour in. What a way of dealing this weather,huh!! Hope you all had fun this weekend stay safe you all!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Water World Wednesday

                                           WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                   Episode 76, Year 2

Well, yesterday hubby and I went for a ride. First, we went to my favorite park. I found some trees are already changing its color but there are some trees that are already gorgeous!! Then, we went target shooting of course, I hit the bulls eye, lol, easy!! wink wink!! After shooting several rounds my palm got so red and my hands starts to shake, hahaha makes me laugh when I think about it. I guess because my favorite is .45 caliber gun and I  have a very small hand so it gets tired but I was not actually lol!! But when my hand starts to shake I told hubby its enough for the day. I love shooting but I do not like hunting. So after shooting we went to another park and I found great colors in there too to be shown next week. For now stay safe friends and God bless us all!!

                                                       The last but not the least, MOI!!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Pray, Pray and Pray

We had a busy weekend....hubby and I joined a group in our church to pray for America. I tell you that Saturday, the streets are busy...people are joining prayer rallies everywhere. Many went to pray in front of Planned Parenthood and other Abortion Facilities, peacefully and in prayer. Our Parish went to Veterans Memorial and prayed there. It was not our first time to come and pray. One time hubby and I went to an Abortion Facility and it was so cold. We stayed there for two hours and pray the rosary for TWO HOURS and every Hail Mary we pray we named a baby name. I was moved to do it for I know those babies that were sucked and vacuum doesn't have a name at all. So that's what we did. How about you friends in blogger sphere what you do or going to do to stop these horrific act? Get out and join, pray with out ceasing our country needs it.

                With what we heard in the news about selling baby parts, by Planned Parenthood etc.                                                             What you do to end these barbaric act?

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dollar Haul

I am not VLOGGING my Dollar Tree Haul instead I am blogging it here. I have watch many vlogging about Dollar Tree haul and I enjoy watching it but I feel like doing a blog only.  I am also a sure customer of Dollar Tree in fact this time I went to two stores and find great deals for a dollar! Why go to a store and pay $7 or $8 for pens when you can have it for a $1!! So here is my first blogging haul...with review!

I so love this one I hang this in our cabinet.

Love the fall dish towel design. The other one it is called hair catcher but I put it in the sink as well and it catch not just hair but everything in between.

                                        I am so liking this washi tape as they call it and I have plenty of this in different designs. The clips I should have...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Water World Wednesday

                                             WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                   Episode 75, Year

                              Hubby and I love visiting churches and shrines. We found these one.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sights of Autumn

Here are some of my photos....definitely Autumn is here!

                                     Fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait next week....

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...