Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ticket America

I am so lucky because where I live I am not far to the Palace of Auburn Hills. Yup I've been to several concerts and shows and I'd tell you what it pays to be close to this place because I had the chance to be there on time. The last time I was there was in the show of Lady Gaga. It was really fun and  me and my friends had a great time.
Last Thanksgiving day hubby and I were at his son's house and all his three grandson were there too. Since my DH three grandson are in  their early 20's our talked is about concerts and shows. Alex just came from Texas and he told us that his Uncle my DH brother bought for him and his gf two tickets for Andrea Bocelli concert that will be held at Toyota Center -TX and the other ticket is for Dallas Stars that will be held at American Airlines Center - TX.  He was so happy when he receive the tickets because for sure his gf loves it.
When I heard like this kind of news I feel envious lol! Because I love going to places and watch concerts or shows. I know that Texas is a bit far from Michigan but many of our relatives are there and oftentimes they talked about how they had fun. This morning my SIL called my hubby telling him that they are heading to Florida to watch Joel Osteen at American Airlines Arena  they love to listen to him. Then just as I got home from church I received an email from a friend telling me that  they are going to watch Michael Buble at Verizon Center. I was very excited because Michael Buble is my favorite singer as in forever but because I am not there I am kind of sad and not want to listen to my friends news later lol! I am just thankful that my relatives and friends has all the good time in life. And for them to get the tickets online is pretty good enough.

Price of gold

Are you fun or familiar with these business channels? Before I am not but since hubby always watch this kind of channel on tv I don't have any choice but to watched it too. For this past few years we noticed how the price of gold escalate dramatically. And it's not decreasing rather it's increasing all the time. I have heard all the time on tv in this commercials about buying gold because gold price will go up but for some people they think that it won't but it was proven wrong as the months and years unfold it increases all the time.
My DH uncle is into buying gold for quite a time now and he is the one who told all his relatives and friend to invest in gold than other commodities or stocks. I think some did follow his advice but some I think didn't. The time when he encourage his friends and relatives to invest gold the gold prices at the time is below $1000 per ounce I think. That time people had money to invest because the economy at that time 10 years ago is good. Everybody has work and money is easy. Now that everybody is tightening up each own belt because of what happened to our economy it's kind of hard to invest such expensive investment. But my DH uncle has this mentality that if everybody can do it why can't we. 
That's why yesterday we were at the restaurant and they were talking about gold and investing on it. My DH Uncle still believe that a certain gold spot is available to us anytime. It is only up to us where to find that spot gold so we could invest well. I think and I do believe that gold is the best way to invest our money. So friends invest your money now.

Personal: Catechism day

Every  Tuesday I kind of busy because in the afternoon it's my catechism day. I have to prepare myself too. I had to read the lesson of the day and also prepare the activity. I love teaching kids most specially it's about God and values. I remember my first time to teach catechism is with 4th year high school in a public school in the Philippines. In the Philippines it takes at least 50 students in one section or room. So how to get all their attention and to listen to you is up to you hehe. It's a challenge but when I enter the school room I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me because if it's only me I can't tackle all the challenges that will take in an hour.
Now with my 8 kids it's fun and I am thankful that they are attentive and so eager to listen. And when I asked them something they always had a right answer. I remember in one verse of the bible that what we can do is to plant a mustard seed. That's what I always put in my mind to plant a mustard seed into their innocent heart and spirit and let God take care of it all. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Deck the halls with blue and silver

Guest post written by Josie Howard

When we redecorated the dining room, I didn't choose to decorate it with blue and silver, the colors of Hanukkah on purpose. It just kind of happened because all the stuff that I picked out that I had envisioned for the room ended up being in that color category.
Now we call our dining room our Hanukkah room and my husband jokes that I don't really need to put out anything for Hanukkah except for a menorah. But I disagree. I like to decorate some of the other rooms of the house. I was online looking for some new decorations for other parts of the house when I came across the site Clearwirewimax4g.com and read through some of it. I'm showing it to my husband and am going to push for us to change our internet service over to it.
I did find some Hanukkah dŽcor that would be great in our living room because I'd love to put holiday stuff all over our house and not just in our dining room!

Monday-First week of Advent

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham became the father of Isaac, Isaac the father of Jacob,  became the father of Perez and Zerah ,whow mother of Tamar..(Mt 1:1-2)

These are the opening words of Matthew's Gospel. He begins with the basics-the genealogy of Jesus.
Matthew wants to establish that Jesus is the Messiah, the long awaited "Son of David" who would fulfill Old Abraham, through David, to Jesus. (Luke, in his genealogy, establish that Jesus is the Son of God.)
Both Matthew and Luke drew upon popular traditions (rather than written records), and both adapted the data. They are trying to establish Jesus' theological identity, not his DNA.
Like all of us, Jesus was part of a family. Families, every one of them, have "complications". God can turn them into blessings.
Jesus' family had plenty of skeletons in the closet. Probably your family is no different. They're still your family.
This is a good time of your to men some family ties.
                                              Spend some quite time with the Lord.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Array of food

Taken at my favorite Japanese restaurant the other day before Thanksgiving day. Ain't they all yummy?
Bar of fruits and salad
Egg sushi (the one in yellow)
sushi, mango, watermelon, kiwi
I've missed this juice. I used to buy this when I was in the Philippines. The other day I went to an Oriental store and found this juice. I don't know if it's cheap or what but for one case which contained 30 cans for $20 is I think pretty reasonable. 
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Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt's house

Guest post from: Jeromy Haney

Every year my family and I get together at my aunt's house where she prepares a big turkey and we all bring our best dishes to enjoy. All of my family is there including my other aunts, uncle's, cousins as well as my grandparents. The kids all get the board games or take a football outside to get some fresh air while we adults sit around talking and putting the final touches on our Thanksgiving dinner.
We usually serve the traditional Thanksgiving dinner including a turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, my grandpa's famous cranberry sauce and of course we top it off with a good ol' fashioned pumpkin pie. We usually sit around afterwards stuffed while watching a good movie or show on satellite television from DirectStarTV.com. It's the perfect way to end our Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house.
Once we have finished our movie we usually look over the ad's for the next day's big deals on Black Friday
shopping. We are planning to try to get all of our Christmas shopping that day and we really want to take advantage of the great deals they are having especially on toys and electronics.
After that we go home and get out all of our Christmas decorations to put up. The kids love getting to help decorate as my husband goes outside to put up the lights on the house. It makes for a perfect Thanksgiving day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Want to get present for Christmas early? Save money for Black Friday.

Guest post by Derick Craig

Christmas shopping is often a terrible time for people who have trouble getting gifts. The end result is always the same - a mad rush to get gifts and special items. Sometimes there is nothing to get when everybody else has been through the stores and you go home empty handed. This year you should do what I do! I always save at least 50 dollars a month for Black Friday; so that by the time it comes around I have around 600 dollars. This insures that I can actually shop for every single person on my shopping list. It also guarantees that if I can't find something on Black Friday, I have an entire month to get items still.
I always make sure I set my West Palm Beach ALARM SYSTEMS prices before heading out on this day because there are many evildoers out there who love to scope out houses on Black Friday. Once that is out of the way I meet up with my sister, parents, and fiancé and head out for some great shopping. Of course I have to run the other way when I see something I want for them, but I always do it in s sneaky way. This ensures that they are covered when Christmas time comes around. The best places to shop are definitely warehouse type stores and malls.

Photo Hunt- Written

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Body Shaper

Hi people how's your Thanksgiving dinner??? I hope everybody has a good dinner. We visited  three of my DH children and thankfully I didn't over eat. When we get out from church I was already hungry. So the first house that we visited I ate a lot I think!!! So anyway, I really do put in my mind not to over eat I am so kind of worried I might put a lot of weight at the end of the holiday season hehe.
Anyway, since parties is coming I am so conscious of what to wear. You see when we grow old the flabs  and bulges here and there is already obvious. I thought to myself why can't we just stay the body of a 20 years old??? Hahaha!! I think I am day dreaming a lot but to accept the reality is also a  freedom. So because I can't have that 20 years old body I look around here in the internet about girly things that can help my  shape....I mean body shape. One is the Best body shaper. Yup for me this is really good if I am going to wear a dress in the party this holiday season since I love to wear sexy dress. I will not be conscious if my tummy is bulging or the love handles is out of place lol! The second one is Bra and Cami with cleavage cover. I know that in my age some parts of my body is not how it used to b ^_^ And this product is not that expensive and they have plenty of color selection as well as the size. I am so glad that I found this website and found their product. Because this  for sure is my number one thing I have to buy tomorrow. What about you ladies? Time to shape up that body again ^_^ 

My week sky

                                                               My sky this week!!
Sunrise November 20. 2010
Sunrise November 22,2010

This morning at the church. We had rain the whole day instead of snow. The fog is all over you have to slow down because you can't see at least a quarter of a mile. A foggy and rainy day.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

                     HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

                                                      What are you grateful or thankful for?? 

This is the phone I want

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you are person who loves new  cell phone  all the time? Me although it's not all the time but I do want a new cell phone because I don't have one!!  If my friends has all this high tech cell phones and is the most expensive one mine is the cheapest and it is what I call the most low key ^_^ phone. With my cell phone I can only call and that's it. The function and feature of my  cell phone only happens 10 years ago and it's about time to look for the best one.

Today  I see the new launch LG Optimus  and my jaw dropped my eyes grew huge! This is the kind of cell phone I am looking for. I've been waiting for this and here it is, it's being launched. LG Optimus is from LG . And because I am so interested to get this phone on this Christmas season the gift giving time.  I look for what are the features or functions that this phone has to offer and here is what I found.

-The LG Optimus One allows for two to three times faster and smoother internet browsing, web-page loading, application pop-ups and multi-tasking.

-The device also enable professionals to easily sync with Outlook Calendar, while offering portable Wi-Fi hotspots to easily share a single 3G connection.

-The device is optimized for popular Google Mobile Services including Google Voice SearchTM, Google Voice ActionsTM, Google GogglesTM, Google ShopperTM and Google MapsTM with Navigation.

-Offers access to Android Market with more than 80,000 applications.

-LG Optimus One focuses on offering instant information search and versatile application packages including Google Mobile Service and even quality application advising functions.

-Features a fun, user-friendly user interface

-LG Optimus One also includes the exclusive LG App Advisor, which recommends 10 highly rated applications every two weeks.

-The phone also features a camera with face tracking and smile shot, a 3.2" wide HVGA screen and a long-lasting 1500mAh capacity battery.

-LG Optimus One will be available in over 90 countries via 120 partners.

With all the best features that this cell phone  could offer it's about time to buy a new one and to my friends and relatives it's about time to change yours too!! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Personal: What are you grateful for?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. What am I grateful for? I've been thinking of this and I have so many to be grateful for. First of all is to God. HE is with us every step of the way. HE forgive my sins and welcome me all the time. With HIM I get all my strength and courage to live by. He inspired me through my husband, family and friends. Second I am grateful of my husband. He encourage me to bloom and be who I am. He is the most wonderful husband and the best gift God has given to me. Then I am grateful of the people I've meet through the years. Who help me in my spiritual journey. I am also grateful of the good health, good relationship to my family. I am also grateful of the nature surrounding me and all the things that God has given to me. What about you what are you grateful for?

Dave's New York

Yes!! One more day and it's Thanksgiving day. Hubby and I decided not to have dinner at our home this year instead we are going to visit some of his children this year. We already had at least  three invitation hehe. Last night I talked to my step-daughter and she told me that she had  surprise gift for his Dad. I was curious so I asked her what is it. She told me that when she was here at the house and she saw her Dad wearing that old work boots she decided to buy him one from Timberland Pro. It's the site she always go when shopping for her husbands work boots. 
After I talked to her I went to visit the website and I am surprised how many choices you can get from Timberland Pro.  As I browse around I found out that they have jeans for men too. I screamed (in silence hubby is by my side watching tv) thinking that this is the site that I should buy jeans for hubby. You see growing up I knew that Levis 501 and Levis 514 are the best jeans for men and women. I remember that when somebody wear this two Levis jeans every would say ohhhh and ahhhhs. I knew too that quality wise they are on top of the line. 
So last night I decided to add jeans for hubby in my Christmas list. I am thankful I don't have to buy the work boots his daughter will buy it for me hehe. But for the jeans I will do it for myself since I knew his waist line and what kind of fit he wants. Hubby will for sure be surprised to find how many gifts he would unwrap this Christmas day. For now I would love to tell everybody Happy Thanksgiving day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ste. Sault Marie

This was taken two  years ago. Hubby and I went for a long drive to Upper Peninsula just to see Ste Sault Marie, Michigan. It was Fall and it's already cold but still the beauty there is awesome. But what gets my attention is how this huge ship can go further when the water is not level. But with what I saw they make an awesome job by filling the other side with water leveled to the other side. I thought it's magical but it's not. It takes time for me to comprehend but hubby explained to me in detail until I figured it out lol!

Do you see another ship is coming? And do you see a water on top and then a water down? The low leveled water will be filled up then the ship will go towards it. I asked hubby why they just have to fill it all the time? So they don't have to do all the process of filling it all the time. Hubby said that the level of water in this area is low that's why they have to do it all over again and again. It was kind of tiresome to think about it at first but when (as I've said) figured it out it makes sense! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!
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Personal: A dinner with kids at the church

It's a Tuesday windy morning. I am so thankful that the sun came out and shine it's glory. The gloomy clouds was lifted  but the wind is cold. I went out to get some photos from this huge mushroom growing at one of the tree. This afternoon will be the Thanksgiving celebration for the kids at church. I am teaching catechism for 3rd grades and  all the kids from Monday and Tuesday class will get together and have a tree blessing too. This would be my first time to attend and I am excited what will happen next.

2 Days till Thanksgiving

On top of my blog is a ticker and it says 2 days till Thanksgiving. And this year I am not going to do a lot of cooking instead we are going to spend in the morning at the church. Yes we are going to attend mass at St. Hugo church in Opdyle Rd. and later in the afternoon we are going to my DH son and his family. So at this time I am not too stressed out thinking what to cook and what to buy for grocery we even don't look any turkey what so ever. For only two person in our house it's kind of hard to cook a lot.  It always ended up in the trash and in this time where many people don't have nothing to eat, it's not practical. I told hubby that if he want me to cook for us I can do that but I won't buy a whole turkey and he don't even eat it!!!! I can buy a little  piece of turkey and cook it if he wants it. But he told me he doesn't really care so this coming Thanksgiving day my mean event is to attend mass and thank the Lord for all the blessings and graces that HE shower on us. And the second event is to visit all my DH children in their homes I think our plan is great!! LOL!

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a luxury for me.

When I get here in the US I never thought that I would ever learned how to drive. In the Philippines my brother had a car and it's stick shift. He showed me how to maneuver but I don't think if I could learn all of those foot work, hand maneuver at the same time I have to focus my eyes on the road that is tough lol! So when I get here in the US hubby thought me immediately. It's automatic so it's easy for the foot but since it's my first time to seat behind the wheel it's hard and I get frustrated so quick. 
Now I am so done with road test and studying road signs now I am into beautiful cars. I look at wiki cars what is it means because I heard it several times already. It does help to look immediately on the internet if I don't understand some of the words around me.
Yesterday after church hubby and I went to Japanese buffet restaurant for a friends birthday. As hubby drove along I-75 I see beautiful cars. I pinpoint each and every cars that I saw and told hubby that I want it lol! Well I found in the magazine this new  Cadillac Cts-V as I browse the glossy paper I am so amazed how beautiful is the interior of this car just so gorgeous!! As what I have said to my hubby this car is loaded with good stuff so loving it.
When we arrived from the party I had a message from my cousin who lived in Chicago. So I call him back. He asked me if he can talked to my hubby since hubby knew something about cars. He told my hubby that he is planning to buy a new car next year and he is juggling to buy either Hyundai Equus and Volkswagen Routan both of these cars are loaded when I say loaded it has everything inside like gps, car entertainment is up to date. Hubby gave him some hints on how to choose the best car for him and it should depend on what and how he is going to used the car. He works in the city of Chicago and don't go out of state nor go for long drive so I think the most luxury could he takes is the best for him. I just hope that what ever he choose he would be happy for it.

Nanay's birthday party

She is the mother of one of my friend here. Everybody called her Nanay. I think as a Filipina we all are thought to respect the older people and we have a term of endearment for them. So Nanay is the Nanay of all the Filipinas here. Yesterday was her birthday and we went to Fuji Japanese Buffet and we just all had fun. I wish her to have more years to come, happiness and good health forever. Happy Birthday to my Nanay!

Roman Grinev photography

Do you love photography? When was the last time you see a photograph that made you say "whoa this is fantastic"!! Well not all photographers has a touch of Midas. But I found one that makes me think I wanted to have a wedding again and hire the service of Roman Grinev photography skills. I am very amazed of his works that I look around in his website and found out that in 2010 he got a Bride choice awards, how cool is that!!
To further my search I also found that he is a Maryland Wedding Photographer and he do a lot of his works there. Being a professional photographer it does not only entail to have a good camera or lens but also you have to have skills to see what is the right angle to shot for your client. And I found it in Maryland Wedding Photographers site very inspiring and worth hiring. Wedding most specifically, happens once in a lifetime where you can be the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. And hiring a professional photographer is a must. I have attended a lot of weddings where they hire mediocre photographers and when the photo came out it's not as good as the bride expects it to be and that is kind of frustrating. 
By the way, one of my passion is photography and I don't have any photography class whatsoever but I know how to see a very good photo. That's why when I see the Maryland Wedding photography I am enthralled. See it for yourself just clik on the highlighted words and let me know if I am wrong hehe.

This automatic order

I was busy doing blog hopping when I head hubby calling somebody. Hmmm I just listened what he is talking and I realized it's about his order for a vitamins or supplement. The first time when he ordered two vitamins it only cost him $4.30. So when I knew it I just agree with it. But then this morning I think he received in his email that this company is sending him again some of their stuff worth $164.99 plus shipping and handling which worth in total to $194.00 ++ he immediately called them to cancel all his order. The other thing too is that even if it's not yet 30 days they already send their stuff with that amount. Thankfully he was able to talk to somebody and  told them he is going to returned it. He was given a return number and will just wait for the UPS to arrive. 
This time I think we all have to be vigilant to what we are ordering online and just don't agree for their marketing strategy about automatic order. For the fact that they have your debit or credit card they can put any amount of money when ever they want. I was so sorry I scolded my hubby early in the morning for almost a $200 that's a lot. That amount I can stretch it for almost a month I am a saver ^_^

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some kind of a berry...

At the end of Summer hubby and I went for a walk at a creek going through  the town. Along the pathway I found  this red berries I asked hubby if it is edible and he said it's not. It's a bummer when you find something beautiful and  it can't be eaten lol! I think even the birds don't like to ate this plant...here is the photo if anyone of you knew this berry can you name it?

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Men's Softball can be very competitive

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

I love the game of softball. I'm a 35-year-old man, so this might sound odd to the lay person, but softball is a fast-paced game with a lot of camaraderie. A lot of men who have never played league softball expect it would be easy, but once they get out there, they prove that it's not nearly as easy as they think. Many of these men played baseball many years ago. Just because they played baseball, they think this equates to softball success. But that's not the case at all. If they go and play in a picnic or beer league, sure, there will be a lot of errors and it will be easy to get on base. Fielding will also be easy because the balls won't be hit hard. But a true softball player plays in a league with a lot of ex-college baseball players and the softball die-hards. Believe it or not, the latter are usually the best ball players. That's because they are not attempting to use their baseball swing. They have figured out all the angles and the approaches to hitting a softball. Regardless of what type of player a person is, there is no denying that softball is much faster than baseball. You never get bored during a softball game. I play three nights per week. My routine is always the same. I get dressed, set my home security alarm(CLICK HERE), listen to my hard rock on the way to the game, and throw a little before the game begins. If you have never played men's softball, consider joining a league where you can compete at the right level and develop your own routine.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photo Hunt-Juicy

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Seedless grapes


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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...