Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photohunt: Bags

This weeks theme for Photo Hunt is about BAGS. I can count only a few women who doesn't have any liking of bags. Women in general do like bags, shoes and bling2x right? No wonder  when hubby and I went to the mall for a "window shopping" and if I pass a store or a window that displayed good looking bags it seems like I am magnetized hahaha!! Hubby then hold ( haha) me because for sure I will stay in that store forever. And no wonder why hubby told me that I could already start a boutique because I had so many. Though some are not too expensive but still if a "thing" cost more than $10 that money should be worth spending.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My mama's 10yr death anniversary

Actually my mama's 10yr death anniversary was last Sunday, October 25. Of course I remember her that day (everyday pa nga eh) the experienced that me, my sister, my brother and niece, relatives and friends endured.

I didn't want to post an entry about her reminiscing her passing because I don't want to CRY!! And browsing the pictures of her, looking at it, remembering those moments captured in the photos makes me cry and my heart keeps on beating like a gazillion of elephants running,  I like  to throw up. But I guess in life we have to face realities and some realities are not nice nor it makes us SMILE!! So today as I was browsing my picture folder I saw this picture of my mom on her 58 year birthday (she died at the age of 63). I was working in Iligan at this time and I promise to her that I would throw a party for her. Of course, as does any mother do they don't like the idea and she gave me all sort of alibi's and reasoning but I am destined to gave her a birthday party. See her big smile geezzz I missed that smile ( i am crying now gushhhhhnes!!!)
                                                          PAUSE IYAK MUNA AKO

oH MY oh my can't help it di ko mapigilan kasi..... hayyyyyyy life ano ba don't want to cry but I am kakaloka.....Yup I missed that smile, I missed her so muchhhhh  no words could I EVER describe. ........................I wish she is still here with us....I so missed her. And if Ma, I didn't tell you the words I love you so often but I knew you knew that I do love you very very much and that I will carry for the rest of my life. And I was so glad that I decided to came out from the convent to be with you in your last years and days of your life. I never regretted that decision because your my one and only mother REst in peace!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A contest for winter scarves...

This morning I woke up around 7:30 am then  I checked immediately my blog since I haven't updated any since Sunday. I happened to see UTAH MOMMYs message and she is inviting me to join her contest. It is about two winter scarves and jeez aren't they so pretty. It is more prettier because she made it by herself!! What a talent huh!! Wish I could make like that but I can't so I decided to join the contest and fingers cross I might win hehehe!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

An afternoon at St. Benedictine Monastery

The weather yesterday was beautiful and with that kind of weather many people here in MI love to go outside spending time together  capturing the moment of Fall before the rigid Winter weather strikes us. So yesterday we decided to see pumpkin patch but it was change on the last minute, instead we decided to visit a Benedictine Monastery just a few miles away from us.
I love visiting Monasteries and churches it makes me happy. When I was in Iligan working (around  90's) me and my friends used to visit and do our retreat in Bukidnon. We used to visit Monastery of the Transfiguration and do our weekend retreat there. After I resigned from worked I already don't have time to visit any monasteries and do retreats. And so when I found out that we have Monasteries around I couldn't keep myself from looking at there website and reading there news from time to time.
Yesterday  was the time my wish was granted. We were at the  parking lot hubby noticed me I was already smiling and when I got out from the car I was jumping up and down I couldn't believe I was there!! I was thanking God for everything I was just so happy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anothe baby shower!

Last Sunday I attended Jonna's baby shower. It was a blast I had so much fun and the host Angel, April and Vanessa did a good job. And mind you if it is a Filipino party foods are great hehehe! May lechon pa at ang crispy nang skin yummmy!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apple picking

ast Monday, hubby asked me if I will go with them (his brother) buy 6 bushels of apples. I was eager to come with them thinking that we are going to picked the apples at an apple orchard. But as hubby called each apple orchard located in the southeast of Michigan, he found out that it is better to buy already picked apples than "U" picked apple at the orchard itself. Then he found out that our neighboring apple orchard/cider mill has the most cheaper apples per bushel. So off we go to an apple orchard just a mile from our house LOL!!

Since, I came here in US I thought that every single house in the country side has at least one or more apple trees at the back of their house but geez I was wrong LOL!! We have one apple tree here in our backyard but hubby called it "crab apple" as I tasted it last week it taste so sour as in very sour I could describe it like I am eating an unripe mango. Here are some of the pictures I like to share.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ashley's 2nd birthday party

Time to update my bloggy here.

Last Saturday was the 2nd birthday of my inaanak Ashley, her mom Rowena held the party at Jeepers inside the Great Lake Mall. Many of our friends came with their children in tow. OF course the party was fun with lots of chikka, food, picture taking, rides for the kids and after the party we went malling. Here are some of the pictures!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Me once a victim too....

Good Monday to yah all!!

Last week, after the typhoon flooded almost the whole part of Metro Manila  and other parts sorrounding Manila a "scandal" erupted resorting many pinoy's to get angry to a one woman who is working in Dubai.

But that was not all my story is all I was reading many writings and comments in the internet and as I also read Mel's comments that he was a victim of identity theft I so suddenly realized and remember that I TOO was once a victim of identity theft!!!

Here was my story, my fiance (my husband) now was already talking about him petitioning me and him coming to visit me. And because I don't have a passport at that time I decided to get a passport. That time I had to go to another city to get a passport because it was there that in my region has the DFA. So I gather the papers that are needed for a passport and off I go to CDO. I was there very early in the morning that I knew for sure that after lunchtime (were they used to release the passport) I had already my passport. So after lunch time, the in-charge already started to call names, one by one those people that I knew by face already had a grin and smile on their face because they had the passport now. Then my name was called, I went to this window and with the shock of my life the in-charge told me SOMEBODY ALREADY GOT A PASSPORT IN MY NAME!! Of course I was so shocked I want to holler at the in-charge but she was just doing her job and in her other hand she was holding the papers of the other "ME" !!! She asked me if I already got a passport and I said NO!! So she asked me to wait for awhile somebody is going to call me again. Now this time, I was already inside the DFA office a man asked me to sit down and he started to interview me, the same thing that the woman at the window asked me.
Though I understand their job but because I am so pissed off and scared and shocked I become so aggresive with my answers. I guess he understand me because I think it was not their first time to have a case like mine.  So he showed me the picture of this "woman" who stole my identity. Parang umitim ang buong kapaligiran ko I like to ripped the papers that I was holding but thanks God He was with me all the time wisdom still on me. So I asked the man in charge if I can have a xerox copy of the papers and he agreed to it. And I also asked him to talked to my friend who worked in N__ because I knew for sure he can vouch me that I am the real "ME". They talked for awhile and I could feel that he became nice to me I guess he was convinced that I am the real "ME" and not the person who is in Kuwait at that time using my name.
So he told me to get more proof that I am M_ _ _ K_ _ C. O_ _ _ _ _, and some of those proof that I got was my college  graduation book (with my picture on it), old identification (thank God I keep my high school and college id's), then I asked old neighbors to write a letter identifying me that I am the real "ME" I then notarized it. I was not contented of that  I went to our Bishop and City Mayor and got their letter identifying me that I am MKCO. And oh by the way, a friend of mine who wrote in our Sunday news paper got my story and published that news that week. So I got  a copy of that and of course I asked my relatives to asked a lot of people in our city, show the picture to them and in the end I knew who she was.
That time when I already found out her identity what matters me was to get my passport. Suing her was lurking at the back of my mine but what I wanted is my precious PASSPORT!! So I went back to CDO and handed the officer all my proof he was amazed of what I've got it was overwhelming proof to keep for them duh!! At the end he released my passport, he said something about what they are going to do with the fraud person posing as "ME", in my mind I don't care it anymore it is there job to caught who stole my identity.
Though that experienced is behind me now but as I looked back remembering all that  time, effort and the nervousness that I felt in that ordeal makes my head ache. I never expected that I become a victim too. It was very hard, I can't eat I can't do nothing just thinking of how I am going to get out from that ordeal. Thankfully I did with God's help and friends.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jacqui Bermejo a victim of identity theft.....

Yesterday after I post my entry here I was again searching for more details about Jacqui Bermejo. For an educated person like her it is more unlikely that she will say something about it....but on the other hand who knows right? So I was searching on the website and I found this article A MUST READ...

Fake web posting on floods triggers tsunami of vitriol

By Siham Al Najami, Staff Reporter
Published: September 30, 2009, 22:30

Dubai: The victim of an identity theft known to many as Jackie or Jacque talks of her devastating experience after a comment was posted in her name on the social networking site, facebook, saying that the severe typhoon that battered Manila is "deserved".

The 31-year-old marketing executive in Dubai was battered with thousands upon thousands of messages, e-mails, and phone calls about the comments that said: "It's a good thing I'm here in Dubai. There might be a lot of sinners back there Philippines. So, yeah, they deserved what happened."

This has devastated the life of Jacqueline Bermejo, a Filipina, who has had several days of sleepless nights and is constantly scared of being in public due to frequent threats and calls she is receiving.

"I received messages threatening my life and my family's. My reputation is completely affected and I constantly have nightmares. I just want it to end," she told Gulf News in a phone interview.

For about two years Jacqueline has been facing the unfortunate nightmare as somebody created these accounts using her identity, posting personal details, and pictures.

"I have been abused and am still being abused online in social networking websites such as facebook, Friendster, Multiply etc," she said while urging public to be aware of what they post online as it could be used against them.

Her facebook account was deactivated following repeated incidents but she was requested by the police to establish an authentic account to clarify her case among her friends.

On Sunday, she received a phone call from a friend regarding very alarming posts on the above websites that directly offended typhoon and flood victims.

Subsequent faceback groups have been made in response to the comment including threatening calls to her sister and letters to her employer.

"I too, have become a victim as much as those who may have lost their lives and properties to such a devastating natural calamity. I have a deep respect and regard for my country. I am proud to be a Filipino and would never say or do anything to harm the interests of my country or countrymen," she said in an emotional tone.

According to Major Saeed Al Hajiri, director of Dubai Police department combating cyber crimes, "It is definitely a case of identity theft. The victim reported the case in November of 2008 whereby accounts have been created on facebook under her name."

The matter is still under investigation by the police, he said while refusing to disclose whether they have information about the identities of the people behind this act.

"We are aware of her case and we are constantly in contact with the victim and we have seen the posts written in the accounts in her name. We are working on tracing the people behind this which could take time."


My take: It is very hard if you are a victim of an identity theft. But on this account this person who post as "her" might have a deep hatred on her to do this kind of treatment. Posting on Facebook, Multiply and other social network as "her" is somewhat creepy. Since the "alleged account" was already deleted in the social networking websites I just wonder if SHE could asked the people in FB and multiply to give her the IP address of whoever post her as "her" so at least she could track down where was it posted if it is in Dubai or Philippines or other country.  Sa akin lang parang malapit lang sa kanya ang nag paka "Jacqui Bermejo" she has to dig more of this so called "identity theft" of her because it somewhat ruined her identity and basing of her account that her family recieved threats. We all knew that we should not jump into conclusion if we read or heard bad comments or news. But  we also can't blame people to get angry or get mad or say something about her because what happened in Pinas is not ordinary. We now live in a generation na parang ang malayo ay kay lapit na nalang in terms of communication kaya ingat sa mga magpapangap na "ikaw".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The "dumbest pinay" Jacque Bermejo

I don't know if you guys heard about the latest scandal? I first read this in Facebook and a lot of Filipinos (of course) reacted to this pinay. Her name is Jacque Bermejo...and her is the story.

Jacque Bermejo – this is the name of the Filipina in Dubai now dubbed as the “dumbest Pinay” after posting a Facebook wall comment tantamount to being heartless and inhumane.

Jacque Bermejo commented on the Definitely Filipino Facebook page saying the following lines: “buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!”

Jacque Bermejo needless to say is now an Internet Star, but we don’t think she’s enjoying her popularity. Filipinos all over the world hate her for her comment, some calling her names and a few even now campaigning for her to be declared a personan non grata.

Who is Jacque Bermejo?

Jacqueline Bermejo is a Marketing and PR Officer based in Dubai. Yes, she is a PR Officer and she obviously needs to do more than miracles to rebuild her reputation after this Facebook scandal.

Jacqueline has been working in the Middle East for over four years and currently works in real estate and property development.

If you need to contact her for whatever reason:

Tel: +971 4 4329633
Fax: +971 4 4329632
Mob: +971 50 3416640

Jacque Bermejo Pictures

This is the face that launched a thousand blog posts, Facebook comments and wall posts.


My note: Ang sa akin lang kung gaano man karangya ang narating natin sa buhay at kung saan man tayo nakatira ngayon sa mundo, I think nobody can ever say something like that sa kahi na sino. Napatanong ako sa sarili ko how come this young ambitious woman say something like this? Wala ba siyang pamilya na andoon sa Pilipinas, relatives or friends? Through my research eh grumadwet pala ito sa UP so for sure may mga friends yan andoon pa sa Pinas. Eh nakarating lang siya sa Dubai parang ang asim na kung siya ay makapagsalita. Paano na kung makarating siya sa mga matatayog at kinikilalang bansa sa buong mundo at maging citizen pa? Ano nalang kaya ang mga salitang bibitiwan niya para sa mga kapwa nating pinoy? Siya kaya ay isa sa mga classic na mga pipol na kung tawagin nating "masangsang pa ang amoy sa isda"? Sinasabi yan ni Jose Rizal ha! Totoo nga pala na may mga taong makatongtong lang sa ibang bansa kung makapagsalita para na kung sino. Noong nabasa ko nga ang issuing ito mga balahibo ko ay nagsipagtayuan parang hallerrr ano ka? Kaya nga siya ay nabigyang nang titulong "THE DUMBEST PINAY" totoo naman diba?


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...