Friday, October 31, 2008

End of October and one of those chat...

~~~Today is the end of October the rosary month but it doesn't mean that all catholics had to stop praying the rosary. It was told by the Blessed Mother to pray the rosary daily. I got a rosary cd that I could play over and over again, 'cause it bother me none nor hubby too. In fact I love it rather than listening to those music that had sexual, malicious, violent connotation. Here are some websites you may explore about rosary.
Brief history of Rosary
The Rosary
~~~ This is the month Doreen passed away but join our God in heaven. We will missed here terribly since Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is fast approaching. And many more family get togethers like baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, house warming, reunions and our women getaways etc. Her dad in all honesty missed her so much that I couldn't let a single day without him in his side for emotional support and for somebody to pray with him when he feel so down.
~~~ Tomorrow is All Saints day the next day is All souls day. I chatted my niece just right now and she is ready to visit my parents and nephew grave. I told her not to bring my nieces and nephew since I know for sure it will be too hot and a lot of people visiting the cemetery. Tagging with her are 3 kids it will be a burden to her, and she will definitely get exhausted at the end of the day hehe.
~~~My niece is already in her 3rd year nursing second semester. How time flies sooner or later she will graduate soon, hubby and I are looking forward on that time to arrive. Today as we chatted, she told me she is already enrolled and that she is somewhat a little bit afraid because in this semester she will have medical surgical (thingy) and she added that if before they have 10 blocks after this MS what was left is just 5 blocks or less. I told her to first pray and secondly study hard. I told her that I believe in her capacity to endure how hard this course might be and if others can why she can't be. It boasted her morale after what I have told her. She said she is so overwhelm of all the books she just bought, it is not because it is all very expensive and thick but she said that she is already at a lost where to begin hehe. And so I told her what I have told her before, to have a study time every single night even if it takes an hour or two just read the notes. And never practice study cramp because it will lead to mental block in time of examination or quizzes (which I experienced when I took my cpa board exam 1986). The other issue that we chatted is about prayer. Because I asked her if she pray, and she told me yes indeed, when she woke up in the morning, when she goes to school, when she ride a tricycle or motorcycle, when she go out for gig with her friends and et all. And she added I don't pray like you, like praying the rosary and novena, I just laugh at her side notes, I told her that it is okay as long as she pray everyday and that means that she has a good communication with God everyday and that is what matters most and also attending mass. She said I don't have a problem with attending mass because I do attend every Sunday but with my prayer that is what I do. It giggles me when she do this because I felt that my first neice my first baby is grown up already hehe. She seems so innocent answering my queries for all she knew if she answered wrongly I will have a litany of sermon. But I treated her as grown up now and I let her slowly spread her wings because sooner or later I knew that she will fly high and find her horizons in life. And if that time comes I am so happy to let her soar and happy that I planted a mustard seed of faith in her simple and innocent life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frost up

It's not a snow it's a frost! Yup, we are experiencing frost almost every morning now. This morning our temperature is 31C it it is kind of chilly outside like it bite you, but because we have the good old firewood stove we are warm inside. At around 10 am we took my brother in law and his wife to the airport. Coming home small tidbits of hale fell down. I took some pictures but it was kind of blurry. Thinking that hale is falling down so early it seems to me that we have a longggg cold season (cross my finger). Oh by the way, when you live here in MI you experience a swift change of weather or temperature in just an hour. Because after that tidbits of hale it was so sunny when we get home but still the air is chilly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn is here....

Yes autumn is definitely here. It's the time when we have to fire up our firewood stove/fireplace, and this will keep us warm in Autumn and Winter, aside from that we save a lot of money by not buying the propane gas isn't it nice? hehe. But we still have to pay a rent for the propane gas tank to stay with us year after year, it suck! We only knew last year that we have to pay a rent of $65/year when one time the H.....propane gas company came and tried to fill the gas tank. DH told the delivering man that we don't need it for now because we are using the firewood stove, the man said I don't blame you it is getting expensive now a days for a propane. So off he goes the next thing we knew a letter from the company telling us that if we need to keep the gas tank we have to pay $65 or they will take it sucker! Anyhow, DH decided to pay not because the gas tank is still full from last year but because just making it not to pay again if in case we need a propane gas again.

This season makes me also wonder how the leaves turn there colors so fast! With the rain and the swift breeze now and then the leaves fell so fast it covers the ground in different colors and leave us work our butt to clear it up before the first snow came. But then I am also very thankful that this is my 5 year to experience Autumn and Winter. For now I am looking forward not the Halloween or Thanksgiving but Christmas. Makes me feel like a child excited to some sort hehe.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My musings for the week....

October 21-22...we had four viewing schedule at Coats funeral home here in Ortonville. I thought my MIL when she died 4 years ago was the biggest I have ever seen, I was wrong Doreens wake for 2 days and four times at that, people came and offer their prayers and condolences to the family were too many I haven't knew nor meet before.

October 23........ it was Doreens burial day. We went to the church about 12:30 since the church service will start at 1:00pm. Their was a traffic outside the church it has to be manned by somebody from the funeral home because their was just too many cars trying to parked and find where to parked. Since DH is the father of Doreen we have the priveleged to parked behind Pauls van Doreens husband. The service was so touching the Pastor was the first cousin of Doreen and so he reminisced how in their growing years they play together here in the farm and later how he guided Doreens past remaining years in her faith. Loren told me later about how he saw many tears shed in a funeral service and I told my DH that, that how people missed his daughter because she is just a very giving and loving person. After the service everybody went to the cemetery just right here in our town and oh men I haven't saw a funeral procession that long and how many people came it was overwhelming. She is indeed our sunshine girl!

October 24.... the day after Doreens burial me and DH slept longer than we thought. That day was kind of dreary plus the weather is rainy and dark after a sunny day. But then it was DH's uncles 89 birthday so we went to Lapeer to celebrate his birthday. Uncle willard is in his 89 years old. Keep it coming man! hehe!

October 25.... same thing the day was dreary and it was raining. But we have to attend the 1st birthday of DH great grandkid Jessie. Stayed their for awhile then went home.
.... that day also is my Mamas 9th year death anniversary. Thankfully my family back home offered two massess for her soul and that makes me at peace too. Nobody was able to visit her grave site but I am pretty sure that my Uncle (her brother) and my aunt came to visit and lighted candles. Aside from my daily rosary of course I love to offer mass to her specially that she is the one who taught me that a mass offered to a soul is what the soul needed. What else does a soul need it is only prayer and nothing more right?

October 26..... we were not able to attend mass why? because I slept too much I woke up 10:24 and the mass will start at 10:30 no way I could make it there even if I had to be like wonder woman. Same thing the weather is raining and kind of chilly already, I asked Loren that we are going to buy and visit Porters Farm for my favorite apple cider. We bought 3 gallons of apple cider and after visiting Porters farm we visited my step-sons gf's house and we ate dinner together with her two kids. After dinner we played a game called apple to apple, it is a fun game though hubby played with us but I bet them all hehe.

The old apple presser to make apple cider. Tasting their apple cider through this faucet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are mourning.......

In memory of my step-daughter Doreen who passed away today we all love you and I am so thankful that in all those years you loved me and welcomed me to be your step-mom. I do appreciate all the love and care that you showered on me. I know you're in good hands now we will tremendously missed you. We loved you so much Doreen rest in peace!
Waiting for our ride, going to Grand Hotel

At Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

Doreen made our 1st wedding anniversary cake

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I don't understand.......

The other day my SIL's son came all the way from Texas. Him and my SD are very close that every day they used to talk over the phone and pray together. The last time my SIL son was here (we even had a party for him) my SD was still up and running but she was already started to lose so much weight and she already felt pain in her right leg. This time, my SIL's son couldn't believe what he saw. It was devastating for him to see his cousin couldn't open her eyes nor talk no more. He was in pained. As we were setting around the table I vaguely heard him say " I don't understand". I was about to asked what made him don't understand but somehow deep inside I knew it but I opted not to say anything. The next day, Wednesday (i guess or Thursday?) we found out that he already left and by the time we meet my SIL and her husband at bob evans for a brunch, my SIL told us that her son is talking to him at the dallas airport already.
Me: Oh so he is in Texas already.
SIL: Yes by the time I talked to him this morning he was on his way to the airport parking lot.
Me: What makes him went home early I thought he gonna stay here for awhile.
SIL: He said he doesn't have anything to do here anymore and " he don't understand".
I said to myself this is it, this is the time I have to ask what made him don't understand.
Me: What made him don't understand?
SIL: He didn't understand about why D (my SD) who has a lot of faith didn't heal.
Me: (I pause and a smile came to my face) I think because God has his ways and plans. God is mysterious remember? If he is not mysterious and we all knew HIS plan then we are god too.
SIL: I don't like to be god.
Me: So do I.
And I started to share to her my faith when my mom was also dying. That sa kahuli-hulihang sandali na makikita ko ang mama ko I cling to my faith. That God will raise her from the dead and be alive again (remember the story of Lazarus in the bible). Until I humble myself, I surrender and let go my mother and let God do HIS will. That is when I felt tremendous pain so painful I was holding onto my faith and prayer and at the same time fear started to creep in.
That morning I was happy to share to her my faith and my experienced. For now, our family are still in limbo. We are waiting for her miraculous healing or the time she will be called by God to go HOME. I know it will be a painful moment for my hubby (when that time comes) but as I talked to him everyday he is somehow ready, he even says that we can't do anything when it is time for her to go. But I feel the pain of his voice as we all knew men are very good in not showing their feelings, so I encourage him to cry if he likes to cry he just laugh at me, but I told him I am serious!! That make him think hehe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disappearing act...

~~ Last week, as I was browsing our local newspaper I make a comment after reading the police file column, I said to my DH that "it seems to me that stealing or robbing is getting close on us", and he asked me why I say that so, " I told him that in the newspaper some houses close to us are being intruded and stolen some of their property". That is what I only commented after reading it I continue to browsed. Last Saturday we stayed at Doreens quite late and on Sunday we stayed the whole day after the mass and went home dark already. The next day Monday, hubby went to check the chain saw that he put at the back of his suburban.....VOILA!! The two chain saws make a DISAPPEARING ACT!!! I doubted it if they went off by themselves right??? Hubby was trying to figure out how does it happened and so I told him to call his son if they borrowed it and didn't tell him at all. So he called one of his son and his son Todd told him that our neighbor just by the hill reported a while ago that something also is missing on her property. Knowing that I told hubby to call the police and report the incident. After a few minutes police came and recorded everything and told hubby that they are eyeing on a suspect that lives just a mile or two in our vicinity. Hmmm bad.
~~So hubby calls his brother in Texas telling him that his chain saw was one that was stolen, thankfully his brother said something "oh don't worry a bit I need a newer one and don't think about it". So everything was clear then. The next day Tuesday, hubby was making pa-sweetums to me I know he is asking something.....I said okay will go to the tools store and get a new chain saw. So off we go....when we were there...I almost fainted the chainsaw is too darn EXPENSIVE!!! My golly molly I taught it only cost $100, the chain saw that hubby want is worth $799.99 the chain cost $39 and the casing $49.00!! The one that was stolen is STIHL and now he is eyeing HUSQVARNA which he said so powerful to cut wood. (i thought at that time kanindot ba kaayo barangon or ipapaktol sa nagkawat sa among chainsaw!!)
~~ Anyway, after hubby and the man incharge comparing the Stihl and Husqvarna product hubby decided to buy the Husqvarna. At the counter I took the cheque book and slowly and hesistantly with eyes closed I wrote the amount $889.33 MY NERVE IS HOT!! TO HOT that I am READY TO STRANGLE WHO EVER STEAL OUR CHAINSAWS!!! ARGHHH!!
~~ I know I know that our economy is too bad right now but holly mackerel don't steal others property just to let your family have something to eat hayyyyy. Buying new one is out of budget with this tightening of belt economy it is not worth writing $889.33 out of our saving money nakaka-inis!! Nakaka-highblood ug nakaka-praning! Ako kahang ipa-tagan no? Hehehehe.
~~ But to top it all I saw hubbies face lighted up specially when we got home he tried to cut some woods and oh men it was really a powerful chainsaw. I jokingly told him that it will be my advance Christmas gift to him and he agrees. Amen to that!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The culprit is.....

~~~Hmmmmm last Sunday our neighbor who lives across the road called us that she saw a dog walking towards her backyard carrying a chicken on his/her mouth. She described the color and I immediately knew the dog, he/she used to come to our yard but that time we don't have chickens. So I didn't bother to chase or do something not nice to the dog. But we were still wondering who could be the owner of that dog. Fortunately, later on that Sunday afternoon another neighbor came by and we talked and shared about what happened to our 7 chickens. We were cleaning the chicken coop that time, so he went around the neighborhood to find who could be the owner of that dog, and because our across neighbor described it as white brown and short kind of dog he knew what he would say to our other neighbors. Fortunately (again) one woman neighbor saw something too, a dog carrying a chicken on his/her mouth, we have now two witnesses then. So our very nice neighbor who goes his way to find out reported to us that it's our other
neighbor who lives way way back from the first witnesses house owned the dog, hmmm, now at least we knew who to watch and look for. IF (in capital letters) somehow this dog will cross (again) in our property line talagang may dadanak na dugo. Hehehe.
~~~That Sunday, we got our first fresh organic eggs. The first one that I cracked open has two egg yolks. I noticed that the fresh ones or what we call in Pinas "bisaya or native itlog" perks up and it has deep orange in color. Now I am counting the eggs everyday. Yesterday, Tuesday we've got 5 or 6 brown eggs and when I picked it up it is still warm. Fresh from mama hens butt hehe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sad week..

I was so proud of my chickens for the past days I am talking about it here in my blog and to our relatives how they grew so fast and I am looking forward to their organic eggs.

Last Wednesday night me and hubby came home very late we were at Doreens taking care of her. When we get home that night I closed the chicken coop door and noticed that something is missing. I didn't count them right away since it is too dark, the next morning Thursday I went out early to opened the door for them to get out. I was so surprised when I counted them two were not there. I was in panic mood and as I looked around I saw on the ground lots of black and white feathers. I run went to my hubby and told him what I have found. Indeed somebody took my two chickens I was mad I was crying.
After we found out that two are missing I was already hesitant to leave the house and came home late. But that day (thursday) it was raining and cold hubby went at Doreens house early as usual. At noon time I called him that we will meet to a resto and have lunch together. After lunch we agreed to left his suburban and just used my car in going to Doreens house. So we were at Doreens for the rest of the afternoon and by 6pm we went to another resto to meet with some of our relatives to celebrate the 82 birthday of my brother in law.
Hubby arrived at our house first and when I arrived he hollered at me that 8 chickens were missing!! My heart skip a beat my stomach starts to churn I didn't feel right. I didn't went to the barn to look around but hubby did. He found 5 chickens in the barn roosting and he put it back to their house. The next day, I went to the chicken coop opened the door and I saw that they are so "konti nalang" my eyes got misteyed eye immediately. I went back to the house and cried and cried. Hubby felt bad watching me, though it sounds funny but I already felt close to them I like watching them roamed around the yard. From 24 chickens 17 were left 7 were gone including my one and only ROOSTER.
Now we have suspected too many, number one somebody might come and took them, two it might be the fox but we couldn't find the den yet, three which is the most preferable suspect is the COYOTE because my hubbies son who lives next to our property saw in his field THREE COYOTES on that particular days. I think they have a ball eating my chickens, hate them. Last night we were inside the suburban with rifles waiting for the coyote to appear we are ready to kill them I really wanted revenge and I wanted to kill them by myself. Right now we don't let the chickens be out in their chicken coop and roam around for all we know the coyotes are just somewhere waiting for a chance to get them all. Because they will. And besides I don't want my chicken to feel too much trauma again they have experienced it for two or three days already and that is too much. I missed my roosters crow wahhhh I do really feel bad hayy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October the month of Rosary

When I was young I was already exposed to the rosary, from the prayers and from what it looks like. But by then I don't take it seriously nor looked at it closely I just happened to see it carried by my Nanay and Mama in going to the church, I happened so see it in our altar besides the pictures of saints and Jesus or statues I also happened to notice that they pray in accordance to the beads everytime they move their fingers. But as I have said I didn't take noticed of all of this things.
When I was in high school I didn't pray the rosary either but I saw my mama pray with it. Every All saints or All souls day we pray for the souls with the rosary, when their is a death anniversary me and my mom pray the rosary. I was exposed at it in a long time.
But when I started to asked, to explore, to study more of my faith and church it was then that I knew how beautiful the rosary in our life. With the exposure of my younger age and the teaching of my mama I come to realize that this is the "thing" that will hold me sane in this chaotic life and it did. Me and my siblings become orphaned in our young age, where do you think I go for strength, it is by praying the rosary, going to mass and adoring the Blessed Sacrament.
I couldn't say that I don't skip in my prayer time, heck I do slip from time to time, but I don't stop praying. This month is offered for the month of Rosary I vow to pray for it everyday and offer my family, relatives, friends, neighbors, our government, our church to God with the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary and all the saints and souls in heaven.
1Thessalonians 5:16-18 = Be joyful always, pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances. This is what God wants from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus.
Here is a site the might help ROSARY


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...