Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 23 hens and 1 rooster....

Last May, we were given by my hubbies son 25 chickens. They were so tiny when they get here and one was sicked then. The next day the sick chick died and the rest are just doing fine with their new house.
At first, we bought their feeds at Tractor Supply. After a while hubby had a second thought and realizing about what kind of feeds we get from the stores. He noticed some stuff in the feeds that ignited the red flag of him. So he called his other son and talked about buying a good feed for the chicks and good stuff means it is made from the local farm. We got bags and bags of feeds delivered the next day.

After several days, days turns to weeks and weeks turns to months my chicken are already big. Then we noticed that out of 24 chicks 23 are hens and 1 is a rooster. Hmmmm sounds good for the rooster huh! The king sorrounded by all the queens. Here are some things that I noticed:

1. Even if they are chicken they also have a certain characteristics that stand among the many.

a. one picked her beck at the door just to get out. she is the most extroverted hen i have ever known. she is the one who likes to be the last to get in at night. kakainis sometimes i chase her just to make her go inside the chicken coop.

b. one also like to be the last to get out from the house since she likes to fly and not walked out sosyal gyud.

2. They like to go out from their house and roam around the backyard, frontyard, sideyard where ever. Hubby already thought of putting them inside a round huge fence, but I told him to let them have fun, what the heck right?

3. They like to fight, well I don't know what is the reason of their fight. It could be the attention they want from the one and only rooster? hehehe

4. I noticed that the rooster has one super extra close hen. (the rest is censored) hahaha!

5. The rooster is the one who crows in the morning, middle of the afternoon (of course) but I don't know what it does mean one thing I knew is that when I heard the "TOKTOGAOK" I feel sleepy hahaha.

For now they are all over the yard I just hope that they don't have the nerve to go across the road or else they will be crushed by the passing cars. I am also very excited to take the first egg from mama hen I don't know when but crossing my fingers it will be soon. And then we have a very pure organic eggs.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Sunday of September

Hmmm what significant events that happened this week....

~~~Last Monday was the beginning of Fall or Autumn. As I looked around leaves started to turn there pretty colors. I already see many leaves laying on the ground.

~~~Same thing hubby and I went to see my step-daughter and take care of her.

~~~Yesterday, we attended the installation mass of Fr. Gerry in our Parish. The mass started at 5pm after the mass we went for dinner at a new resto here in our place. After dinner we went to visit (2nd time for the day) my step-daughter and went home 10pm.

~~~Friday morning I chatted my neices and nephew over yahoo messenger and skype. My sister was their and so my eldest neice. As I looked at them in the webcam I could say that they are getting bigger and taller too. They are so energetic it seems that the day is not enough for them to play. I asked their performance in school and I asked them to face infront of the webcam and tell me whats going on in their school life. It begins with the youngest AG, she is in nursery, she showed me her test papers and one paper she didn't make it perfect she had two wrongs. I asked her why she said "because I have no more crayons and pencil" ewwwwwww that is the reason why she didn't perfected that lesson. Then I talked next to MG she is in K-2, she showed me her test papers and they are perfect. Then hubby came to see who is in webcam and she saw that hubby was with me and she holler to her sister and brother to "not speak in cebuano but speak in english" oh diba bongaceous tong pamangkin na ito hehehe. Then I chatted to my one and only spoiled nephew GP, he showed me his papers and the result was fairly very good. The fact that he is very hyperactive kid I never thought that he got a high percentage of grade. What makes me happy is that he almost perfected his math exam, there where 30 questions he got 28. Then I saw his work in arts and craft I could say he has talents it is perfect for me. I told my sister to keep it since I am thinking of putting it in a frame its really nice to put them on walls. Then my nephew showed me his intrams uniform, I remember last year he won gold medal for track and field event. He says this time his teacher put him to competer track and field again and badminton so in the end he ask me to buy a badminton racket for his play this coming Friday. I asked my sister if I could chat my niece, hmmmm she told me she is already asleep she was so tired after her hospital duties. Chatting my nieces and nephew, watching them sing and dance, listening them laughs and whine infront of the webcam makes me happy and laugh too. Missed them so much next time when I get to visit them we will gonna have another time of bonding.

~~~I started to clean up my garden. I took off some of the tomato cage but haven't finished it all yet. Another project to be done soon since it is getting colder na.

~~~My 23 hens and 1 rooster is getting big now. For another week or two I guess I am going to have fresh organic eggs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Fathers 19th year death Anniversary

Last monday, September 22 was my Fathers 19th year death anniversary.

I remember my father as a very cheerful man. I never see him frown nor heard him being grouchy. He always has his flashing smile na makikita mo ang kanyang gold tooth hehe. He is the one who teached me how to cook yup, not my mama. He is a good cook and so am I hehe.

One time, we went to Cebu and as far as I could remember it is just me and my papa. I really don't know what we do in Cebu but what I remember too well is that we went to this building they called it White Gold which at that time is so famous with there revolving chair or table. I was so amazed with the view but I was so happy and excited to go home when papa bought me a set of toys. Those set of toys consist of lechon2x, pots and pans, forks and spoons, plates and glass. I was so proud of it I thought I am the only one who got that kind of toys in our street hehe.

I remember him came to my PTA meeting I was surprised when I saw him at the back of the room with some of the parents. I remember him as always "spoting" in other words hinde yan lalabas nang bahay na hinde talaga nag-ayos. With a pomade on his hair, collared shirt, ironed pants and a boots. I don't remember him wore a tennis shoes ever! But he wore flipflops though when at the house but when he go out he wore shiny boots hehe.

I remember him bringing always a present for us. He is the kind of man na hinde mahiyang magdala nang "buyot" or a basket specially that basket is full of pasalubong for his family. At yan ang isa sa namana ko, na kahit kandahirap na sa pagdadala, dadalhin ko for the sake of my pamangkins.

I remember him as a very honest and hardworking man. And to top it all a very faithful husband to my mama. One time he told us about "what you sow is what you reap" from the bible, he says that he couldn't do things bad that sooner his daughter will pay for it.

I also remember him about what he told us about inheritance. He told us that we don't have hectares of land to inherit nor money. But he told us to study hard for knowledge couldn't be corrupted nor be steal by anybody. He teached us honesty, be respectful, have faith and love and that is what I inherit from him.

I remember when everytime he came home from work we have a blast. We watched movie, I remember those kung fu movies. We go eat to our favorite halo-halo restaurant, we attended mass together.

I also remember that he is the one who teached me how to dance and sing. Those tango and waltz is his favorite and as I write this entry it brings a smile on my face. As for the singing we always sing the standard songs like Frank Sinatra, Nat king cole, Tom Jones, etc.

I remember so well when at night (no electricity yet at those times) after dinner we all gathered at the porch and listen to a drama on the radio specially when the moon is full hehe. Even now I still remember the title of the drama it's "Ang misteryo sa Villa Lagrimas". Yes it is a horror kind of drama with all the sound effects like a chain dragging and all. So we ended up gather round to either to our mama or papa hahaha.

I also remember his being a disciplinarian. He gave us warnings for our wrongdoings but when we do it again be ready with your butt because for sure he will belted you with his belt.

I remember when me and my brother are teenagers everytime he came home he checked our body of any tattoo. He asked about our performance in school and always reminded us not to have gf/bf or else we better stopped going to school and better find work.

I remember after his stroke he was bound in the house 24/7. He never lose his smiles nor his being a joker. That time I was already working in Iligan and I see to it that every weekend (Sunday) I can go home. For the fact, that he is in the pier waiting for me. That time wala pang uso ang cellphone ni wala pa ngang cellphone noon kaya walang text2x. So there are times that I couldn't be able to come home. Ayun nag sesentimental na, and my mama will tell me what happened the next Sunday I get home.
And when I get to come home the next Sunday, pagmakita na niya akong nakababa na sa ferry boat iiyak na yan. He was not sentimental before but after his stroke nagiging senti na siya. Which is when I remember it now makes me feel sad, nakakatuwa and at the same time nakaka-missed din. Kasi yong iyak niya may halong tawa and smile pa rin.

When he died I found out that he is well loved by his relatives, friends and family. They only have a good word for my papa even until this time when I meet some of his old friends and relatives. His integrity will be inculcated in my heart and well-being forever. For Papa who is now in the bosom of our GOD rest in peace and I missed you so much!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My first tomato canning

This week is kind of busy I think it is because Fall season is coming and because since I lived here in the farm I had to finished somethings that farmers do char!

Anyhow, the usual everyday thing that me and hubby do is to visit his daughter since she is sick and bedridden and needing more assistance. Staying there takes a lot of time and so there are some days that I don't go in order for me to do the household chores.

Last, Friday we went to hubbies son in St. Charles to get some vegetables in his farm. We went home full of tomatoes and some veggies. We arrived home at around 11pm I was so sleepy already I felt grouchy. The next day my sister in law came to the house and teached me how to do tomato canning. I had a ball doing it. It was fun and also tiring hahaha. After making 19 1/2 jars I told my sister in law that we are going to do it the next day. I was really tired! But looking at my 19 cans of tomato made from my own hands I am so proud of it. Today or tomorrow I am going to make salsa for chilis.

Here is my first tomato canning

more tomatoes in the trunk

Monday, September 15, 2008

Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 2 (more walking)

Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 2 (more walking)

The second day, hubby and I woke up around 9am. We fixed ourselves and had a continental breakfast at the breakfast area in the hotel. After our breakfast we started to walked towards the Skylon tower, we went inside the building and reserved for our dinner buffet. Since the dinner buffet will start at 5:30pm we went to Imax theatre bought the ticket for 11am show. The show was about the myths, legends and daredevils of Niagara Falls. After the show we exited to a door that leads to the different craft that people used to undergo their adventure in going down Niagara Falls.
After checking all those craft we went shopping at National Geographic store hubby bought me a Canadian jade which is very simple and cute love it! Then we proceeded to walked towards the falls , in Niagara Falls there are two falls, the one is big with a horseshoe form while the other is not with another little falls at the side. Anyway, in getting to the falls we passed a rose garden, then we went to a restaurant that was overlooking the falls. We bought sandwiches for our little lunch and walked around again. I noticed from our walking that this falls are the most photographed falls ever! I think almost all the people are so eager and excited to get a picture of this falls either as their background or just the falls itself. We were setting at the bench and watched the people goes by, we talked and hugged of course and steal some kissess hehe. It was getting hot so hubby decided to walked again towards Clifton Hills. I found out that there is a Hersheys store just close to Clifton hills area so we walked again towards that store. We checked the store and the thing that hubby caught his attention are the different colors and tastes of fudges. He bought the most colorful one and it does taste good too. For the first time he consume almost one slice of the fudge that he bought, and even if I like fudges I didn’t peg out that much hehe. After checking the Hersheys store we went inside the Secret Garden and stayed there for awhile, we took a picture at the fountain, hubby layed on the bench under the tree. We stayed there for awhile trying to cool off and rest after so much walking.
After we rested and watched more people around us we walked (again) towards the falls (again). We seated on the bench just right at the middle of the rose garden and smell the scent of different roses it was heavenly. We spend quite a time in that garden as I and hubby talked about life and the meaning of it hehe, 30 minutes before 5:30 we started to walked (again) towards the skylon tower for our dinner buffet. When we get on top of the tower oh my gush, it was spectacular it has a different view from below. We ate our dinner buffet with so much gusto, the food is overflowing and it taste really good or I should say I am just hungry at that time after so much walking huh. Anyhow, after the buffet we went up to the observation deck and amazed of its beauty. We went down from the tower and walked (again) towards our hotel. Amazingly, hubby didn’t feel any sore from his calves or feet but with me I could feel that I have sore all over me hehehe. We had a good night sleep and we woke up the next day fresh.
The third day, we went to breakfast but we packed our things already and put it inside the car. We checked out after breakfast, it was raining not a good thing to roam around the town. So we went home that day again the immigration was just a breeze. We arrived home safe and sound thanks God. The trip was fun and with hubby with me I love it!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 1

~~~~We started our trip not so early though. I planned to start early so we arrived Niagara before the check in time, but hubby has his own planned too. We went to the post office to mail letters for his brother who is in SA,Texas then we proceeded to the bank to get some cash. After that we proceeded to go to Port Huron where we have to passed the bridge going to Canada. When we passed the bridge and stop for immigration hubby handed our passports and my greencard and the immigration officer told us that we are set. We stopped again to exchange the money from US $ to Canadian $ then off we go. It was a long drive and thanks to our TomTom GPS 720 we arrived safely to our hotel. We checked in and since we reserve our room online it was fast and easy. We were in our room 3:00pm hubby asked me if I would like to lay down and rest for awhile but I opted to set my laptop and check the room hehe. So hubby had a good nap I think he was exhausted after almost 5 hours of driving.~~~~After hubby had a good nap we started to check outside. The hotel is situated in Clifton Hills where almost all of the "gimik" are located. Right when we get out from the parking lot of the hotel premises is the skywheel. So we hop in and enjoy the view from above. After which, we went to see Ripleys believe it or not, Movieland, Ride the FxRide, the Ghost ride, went to check some of their shopping stores and then we had our dinner at Kelseys where we got a complimentary discount from our hotel for $25. The food was awesome we ordered 4 appetizers but oh men we were so hungry that we finished it all hehe.

We wipe off the food except some of the feta bread. I was joking at hubby about our weight that it will shoot up since we eat a lot. But it didn't stay that long, I found out that when you're here in Niagara Falls you have to walked. Walking is the primary means of transportation there hehehe. (They have busses to bring you to different places) Hubby was so thankful of me that I got him at Khols a skechers shoes on sale. He said that it was very comfortable that after all those walking for two days he never felt hurt but I did, I wore a havaianas flipflops I bought from PI and oh my, my little toe was hurting me after two days I already felt uncomfortable.
~~~~So from Kelseys, we head off to see Ripleys believe it or not, Movieland, the rides like fx ride and ghost ride, went to see some shopping stores, watched MGM 3d/4d movie, it was in movieland that I was so scared we went inside to this glass room clutching hubby and I was screaming and screaming more when we were heading to this door ( I thought) but it was a mirror and we looked around it is pitched dark and we are sorrounded by mirrors, I was reaching my other hand to feel for an opening but a statue was there I was so scared I was screaming again hubby was laughing so much that when we get out from that place I feel dizzy, talking about high blood pressure huh!! And I tell you, after all those food that we eat I feel hungry again hahaha good way to lose all those calories huh??? hehe!
~~~~ When get out from the movieland we headed to Niagara Falls, it was already dark and when we reached the place it was spectacular. You could just utter some ohhss and ahhs the cascading water is magnificent. The moon was almost full and the different lights reflected the water so beautifully that you are just so amazed by its natural wonders. It was so romantic we hugged and kissed under the moonlight mists showered from the falls.

Part 11 next...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just got home..

We just got home from our Niagara Falls,Canada vacation. I will update this blog after I finish my laundry hehe.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hectic schedule

~~~~~This afternoon Lanie, Jonna and her husband Keith will going to watch the concert of Journey. Well as everybody knew the new lead singer of Journey band is a Filipino singer Arnel Pineda. The weather is cold right now and no doubt that tonight it will be more colder, Lanie told me it will be 40F whewww that is 10F above freezing.

~~~~~Tomorrow, will be leaving for Canada. We are going to visit Niagara Falls canadian side. Many said that the Canadian side is more nicer, many attractions to see and visit than the US side. I am looking forward to this trip and I am so excited this time palang.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tags from Friends already Answered..

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?The words matters me the most.
2. What’s your favorite kind of cake?I love Tiramisu.
3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?Oh yes I bought gifts most of the time sometimes I make it to myself.
4. What’s your favorite holiday?Christmas
5. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?This year I made my first holiday by having a one month vacation in the Philippines (my 4th time). Next week we are going to Canada to see the majestic Niagara Falls.
6. What was the best party you’ve ever been to?Too many to mention.
7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?My wedding is the simplest wedding you’d ever known of. It is a civil wedding solemnized by a judge in her court room. With us are my husbands brother, sisters and in-laws. I didn’t wore a wedding gown. I and hubby just shopped for a formal dress and a good pair of wedding rings. Cheap huh!
8. What’s the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to you?
Speaking of romantic? Too many to mention hehehe some are censored though.
9. What’s your favorite girl’s name?Sofia.
10. What’s your favorite boy’s name?Paulo, Andrew, Loren
11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?Johnny Deep
12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?
Nicole Kidman
13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?For now, I don’t know there are too many of them to choose from hehe.
14. What is your best character trait?Prayerful
15. What is your worst habit? I multi-task.

1. I have two first name the first M--- was the name of the hospital that I was born and the second is K-- comes from the company where my father worked before.
2. I am passionate with life. I love to reflect things that caught to my attention.
3. I can be bluntly frank sometimes hehe.
4. I worry when things don’t go to my expectation.
5. I love photography. It is one of my passion.
6. Don’t like Ipod hehehe weird me.
7. When I am behind wheel I started to feel sleepy hahaha!
8. I can be extrovert but I love to be introvert too. I don’t mind staying at home alone. Because I can do many things and I don’t get bored at all.
9. I love to read, watched tv/movie, play games in the pc.
10. I knew how not to care with people who are not nice or I don’t have any connection with bwehehe.

Another tag that was being tagged long time ago…

Put X if you have done or experience it….
Gone on a blind date--
Skipped school--
Seen someone die-- X yes to my father and mother and nephew
Been to Florida - X
Been to Mexico
Been on a plane-- X
Been lost-- X
Been on the opposite side of the country-- X
Gone to Chicago - X
Swam in the ocean--
Felt like dying--
Cried yourself to sleep -- X (lots of times)
Played cops and robbers when I was little -
Recently colored with crayons -- X
Sang karaoke-- X
Paid for a meal with only coins --
Did something you told yourself you wouldn't-- X
Made prank phone calls --
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose--
Caught a snowflake on your tongue - X
Danced in the rain --X
Written a letter to Santa Claus - X
Been kissed under the mistletoe - X
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about - X
Blown bubbles --X
Made a bonfire on the beach -- X
Crashed a party -
Gone roller-skating -
Gone Ice-skating -
Gone skinny dipping -

Another TAG here

1. Nick-name? Maria, Kimoy, Ging2x (only my mom calls that nickname
at me)
2. Mother's nickname? Taling, Ling
3. What is your favorite drink? Water
4. Tattoos? NONE
5. Piercing? EARS
6. How much do you love your job? I love it!
7. Birthplace: City of white stones.
8.Favorite vacation spot? Beach, Mountain top
9. Ever been to Africa ? NOPE.
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? YEP.
11. Ever been on TV? NOPE.
12. Ever steal any traffic signs? NO!
13. Ever been in a car accident? NO. God forbid!
14. Was it your fault? N/A
15. 2 Doors or 4 Doors? Both
16. Salad dressing? Blue cheese, olive oil, vinegar
17. Favorite pie? Pot pie, egg pie
18. Favorite number? 7
19. Favorite movies? TOO MANY TO MENTION
20. Favorite holiday? Christmas
21. Favorite dessert? Don’t have any favorite dessert
22. Favorite food? Same thing
23. Favorite day of the week? Sunday
24. Favorite brand of Body soap? Neutrogena
25. Favorite TV show? Too many to mention
26. Favorite smell? Green Tea , Joe Malone
27. What do you do to relax? I listen to music, I dance, I sing, I read and I pray.
28. Do you have a message to your friends reading this? Um, "Hello”. Yup 29. How do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself as the gracious, witty, rich half a century old woman bwehehehe.
30. What do you do when you are bored? I shopped, I read, I watched tv till I dozed off to sleep, I surf the internet, I do the laundry, I clean the house and a lot more hehehe.
31. Furthest place you will send this message. None whoever likes to answer can copy and put it in their blog site.
32. Who will respond the fastest? Don’t have any idea.
33. Who will LEAST likely respond? Don’t know.

I’m Happy OR Sad!
Thanks to JennyR for this very nice tag..
~Start Copy~
Here are the Rules:
1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.3. Tag other online friends you know.
Participants: T?ni’s Attachments, Cecile2’s-Small and Simple Things, Lara’s Pinay dot US, Lara’s My Blog Entry, Lara’s Byaheng Pinay, Living A’ La Mode, Bits and Pieces, My Life in this Wonderful World, My Online World, Ozzy’s Mom, Me,Myself+2, Kidd Designs, Fun Fierce Fabulous , Eds Mommy Life, Just Me.. Eds, My Precious Niche, Music of my Heart,Me and Mine Creative in Me For the LOVE of Food Little Peanut Pea in a Pod It’s Where the HEART Is Around the World SugarMagnolias Hobbies and Such A Window To Our World Jenny’s Wandering Thoughts Our Journey to this so called Life Just Another Day Runaway Thoughts of Emz, Kims Life Journey in Focus

* when everybody is in good health.
* when hubby and I go on vacation together
* when I visit my family in PI
* when we go to mass together
* whenever Hubby surprises me with something
* when I prepare everything for hubby
* talking to my Family in Philippines and send money every month
* last two weeks ago we get rid of two of our credit cards
* when we make loving2x hehe
* when we do something together (planting trees, watching tv, joy ride, shopping etc)


* when I heard bad news from PI
* when I heard that somebody in the family get sick (here and in PI)
* when we can’t attend the mass on Sunday

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Fruit of our Labor

Few years ago, hubby and I started to plant 3 peaches and 2 pear trees. After a year that we planted the trees only three trees were left alive. This year this 3 trees blossomed plenty of flowers, I even don't know what was it at first since I have no idea which one is pear and which one is peache. I also didn't knew (my step daughter told me) that when we have this kind of trees it is better to plant 3 or more since every year they take turns to bear fruit. In our street words, naa gyud laki or baye, in order to bear fruit. And so, I was thankful that among the 6 trees that we planted three are peaches but sad since my pear trees died.
After, many months of waiting for the flowers to become a fruit TODAY I harvested five fruits from the peach tree. I tasted it immediately and it is unbelievably sweet. I think and I conclude that our soil here likes peach rather than pears since we have one pear tree here but it ain't good at all. I have vast of land here to plant fruit trees and it makes me feel proud to eat the fruit of our labor. So maybe next year I am going to buy more fruit trees like peaches or pears (I bought it from Meijers) because I am inspired.
Last night, I was glued watching the RNC, Republican National Convention. I cheered (alone) since hubby is beside me snoring and deep in sleep. It is my first time to watched this kind of events though I didn't watch the DNC but I search in the internet about their speeches and read it. So the race is to who will become the next US of A president is formally up. Whoever will become the president of this very beautiful country I hope it is not because of his own interest but because he wants to serve the people of this country.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wanna feed my pig? And the slam dunk of Gov. Sarah Palin speech

Early this morning hubby and I went to visit Doreen and brought her the carrot juice. On the way going to her house we passed several garage sale signs. After staying in their house for awhile I asked hubby to stop by at some of the garage sale signs and looked around. I was so excited I found the pig that I am longing for hehe. It is a piggy bank actually and if you drop a quarter it makes a good sound and the dollar sign on the side of the piggy lights up makes it more exciting. When we get home my sister in law and her husband were waiting on us. While there I ask my sister in law WANNA FEED MY PIG? And indeed they did feed my pig!!! I was like a kid having this huge grin in my face ear to ear and so excited watching them feed my pig.
I missed the call of my friend Rhebs, when I arrived home I checked my cellphone and there it is her name, so I called back but I think she was somewhere and busy she wasn’t able to picked up the phone. Anyhow, I was cheering Gov. Sarah Palin speech, oh men she just got it!! When experienced talks you feel it and get it through you. She slams and hit it bullseye. What a fantastic job! Congratulations!!

Before, me and hubby got busy for the day I went to the garden and picked some of the vegetables before Mr. Woodchuck come and eat what he could find there. But to my dismay he came very early I found some tomatoes freshly nibbled. I couldn't get zucchinis, squash, cucumber because they came first and eat it while it is young. Luckily, I salvaged some of my cabbages by putting cayenne pepper and now I have got some readly to be harvested. Hubby took time to wait and watch them when they came around 7pm, fortunately he just hit two of them but he says if you saw 1 or 2 of Mr woodchucks family it means their are more in their flock. Here are the vegies that I got today...

onions, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes
green bell pepper

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A funeral...

I, hubby and my sister in law Maxine went to attend Larrys funeral my hubbies cousins. The funeral service was in Rochester but he was buried in Macomb, Township. It was a long drive from the funeral home to the cemetery and the day is sunny and humid. The good thing is that we don't have to go to where he is buried instead we had to go to this little chapel in the cemetery and pay our last look for the dead person. After a short talk from the pastor, everybody went to the church function hall just across the cemetery for a dinner. There, I've meet more relatives that came from the other side of Michigan and some from other states. I already lose track of all my hubbies relatives name, hubbies family is quite big compare to mine.
Anyway, everytime I came to attend a funeral I can't help but compare it to how it is done in Pinas. Just can't help it because there is quite a huge difference between the two. In Pinas it takes days or even weeks that we buried our dead but here it takes just two days or less. And not even that, in Pinas our culture had to have a vigil for several days and that leads to the immediate family a long stress to take since the bereaved family are the one who accomodate all the visitors and taking care of the foods and all. While here when the dead body is in the funeral the vigil will only takes place in a designated time and day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SOS...an update..

~~~~~ It’s been awhile after my last entry take place I was just too bothered about what happened in Mindanao, my mind couldn’t think right specially on what I am going to write here.
But my family were fine and doing well after that terrorizing Monday. Although my family live across the town that was being attacked but as what my sister and niece told me that they could hear the gun shots and saw the smokes from the burned houses and they also witnessed how the evacuees were so traumatized on that day. I talked to my brother and he says that it is still red alert and so everybody has to be cautious. I watched the news over ABS-CBN specially the regional news and found out that 31 Moro rebels surrendered and just by what happened before, this “soldiers” were persuaded by the rebel leaders and being told that they will be given 40,000 pesos for a salary but as what the surrender rebel says since 2003 that he joined the group, he never saw even a single cent that the leader had promised them. I hope by what the surrender rebel says, many young men or even the older men will see it as a RED FLAG that everything is a deceit, dupe, trick.
My heart goes to all the people who suffer from the savage attacked. I have known many people in this towns and couldn’t help but feel so sad. I do pray that many were being spared.

~~~~~ For the past weeks now, hubby and I goes to Doreens house to prepare for her food. I massage here right leg just to let her feel good since she always felt pain in that area of her body. Her Dad keeps reminding her to eat the right food so her immune system will keep up the medicine that she take. The doctor told us that she passed the time frame that he gave to her. Well, Doreens faith and us healed her and now we do care for what she is eating. Hubby noticed that she eats the not so good food that is why we started to gave her the real big shot kind of food which then build her immune system and give back her body strength. Many told us that she is already healed, yes indeed, me and hubby couldn’t disagree to that BUT the body also need food to strengthen it just as the spirit needs prayer.

~~~~~ Last Saturday and Sunday, I meet my beautiful friends the ladies from different states. Day G (Ohio), Ger and Judy (Illinois), Vanz (Texas) Donna (Canada) you may wonder how in the world I meet this bunch of beautiful ladies. Well it started way back 2003- 2004 when I joined the Asawa Forum. It was in that forum that I meet Lanie too who is my first friend here in Michigan. The other ladies that I already meet is Rhebs (florida), Dharl ( Texas), In-In (Illinois). First we became online friends then later on when everybody was here in US of A, we started to see each other. I am very glad I meet this awesome ladies, they are strong women, intelligent, wacky and devoted to their husbands and kids. Hope next time I got to see Sandy and Mel too.

~~~~~ Monday, were back to visit at Doreens again. I massage her and hubby prepared the carrot juice and barley green for her. After staying there for awhile we went home and picked some vegetables and bring it to Nanay Yolly in Oxford. From Oxford we went to Sams to purchased more carrots and Nanay Yolly was with us to buy rice and some stuff. Anyhow, while we were in line waiting to pay for our stuff it happened that Ate Aida was there and so we were introduced to each other and it makes more funnier because the cashier was Lanie hehe.

~~~~~ Tuesday, I stayed home doing some laundry and checking emails and bloggies. In the afternoon, we went to Bueches to send money to Pinas.

~~~~~ Wednesday, Hubby went first at Doreens and stayed there for awhile. I thought I could come that day but I was so focus sorting out the stuff that I will send back to PI. I’ve been preparing 2 boxes to send this coming Christmas but was thinking about just sending one box hmmmm.

~~~~~ Thursday, we planted the trees that I ordered online. I named the two trees loren and kim isn't it cute? Hope next year it will grow fast because they claim that this kind of tree is fast growing. We will see.

~~~~~ August 12, 2005
This year is my 3rd year of blogging in this particular account. I love writing in anything and everything as I love reading too. Somehow, I got to put in words what transpire my day here in my new country US of A.

~~~~~ Sunday, we attended mass. Afterwhich, we went to visit Doreen again and gave here more carrot juice. Then we went to Bob Evans for our brunch. Then went to Gordons to shop for the food that we are going to bring for the reunion, after Gordon we went to Sams for another shopping. I was exhausted after all the trips.

~~~~~ Yesterday, Labor Day!
My hubbies family had this reunion every year for 92 years now. The oldest of the group is their Uncle whose age by now is 87 years old. He told me when I talked to him that he was 7 or 8 years old when this reunion started. He remembers on the same park that we held the reunion that they used to run up and down the hill and that he remembers that a tower was on a hill. At that time you could see the tower because the trees are not that tall after 92 years the trees are tall and you couldn't see the tower it amazes him when he accounted all those years that he was in this reunion. Who can't beat him? I guess no one.

I am transfering...

I have been blogging for 3 years now in bravenet.com but for some reason I can't logged in. I've been waiting for almost a week now that they could fix it but to no avail. What amazes me is that in my DH computer I can logged in to my account but here in my laptop I couldn't!! So I decided to transfer my blog site here and will see if I like it here somehow I am so used to bravenet that right now I do feel I am back to zero specially in putting some stuff here. But as I wonder around the page I found out that they have more stuff here than bravejournal hmmm. I have to make this page up and put all the events that transpired a week ago.


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...